Your guide from spring to summers (Lookbook 2020)

Let your wardrobe bloom this spring and bring in some fresh and comfortable vibes for summers. TJC is excited to bring in the summer and spring-inspired lookbook and collection to you!

In this modern decade, the fashion not always means comfort and style but is also famously known for our adaption and particular fondness towards throwaway trends. Now that we have come a long way with fashion experts and designer collections to adore, we all are looking out for something better to fit in our wardrobes and heart. With warm sunny days coming, we have time in our hand to start prepping ourselves and get the best from this season of warmth and brightness. Here in this lookbook, we will not just focus on fashionable outfit and suggestions but will also throw a keen light towards the accessories and self-pampering ways you can adapt in coming summers. This particular moment is an opening to seek style and inspiration while at the same time get a chance to feature your image on TJC’s website! Continue reading to learn more:

Spring & Summers Lookbook Wardrobe: 

The flourishing floral prints and the vibrant yet soothing colours speak the language of spring and summers. They not only bring beauty to the following seasons but are also soothing to the eye. Comfortable cotton and cute kimonos are always the top picks for the weather. They feel free on the body and flare along with the passing wind. This incredible lookbook before the summer ends brings to you a fantastic collection featured grace and elegance. We are talking about Kris Ana Collection here, an excellent brand dedicated to bringing the best out for a woman! The brand represents the humble beginnings, and their premium ponchos are definitely stealers of any show. Offering the colour from bright to classics and fabric finish ranging from Polyester, Viscose & Nylon, the assortment focuses on providing comfort and manner, both!

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TJC Lookbook 2020

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Spring & Summer Footwear:

This season of Sun and shine is also about sweat and dust and hence who doesn’t like to let their feet breathe and feel free? From flip flops to sandals and slippers, this warm weather will make you rock any outfit with comfy footwear to go along. Not only around the beaches, according to the lookbook, people love wearing open footwear even indoors or at their workplace. June and July, when it is the warmest in the UK, we have a splendid range of footwear you can opt. They are not just stylish and trendy but will give your feet a soft touch through their flexible sole. With a huge range to select and pick from, it can indeed be a roller coaster ride going through the collection. With vibrant colours and top-notch freedom to your feet, feeling footwear frenzy is fine to us!


TJC Lookbook 2020
Ravel Black Pomona Embellished Heeled Sandals

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Spring & Summer Skincare: 

While getting all sundrenched and sun-kissed, it is crucial to ensure your skin enjoys the warmth just as much as you do, so be sure to opt for total suncare. Be it a golden beach or the walk to your usual workplace, the Sun can befriend at one and be harsh the other second and hence this transition in weather requires extreme care and concentration. With the intensity of light and warmness, we receive it is crucial to moisturize your skin right to keep the hydration locked or restore it at time. Using the right skincare products and cosmetics can help you chiefly in this factor. At the same time, we would recommend you to use a correct SPF sunscreen to block the harmful UV rays. A good SPF is not just recommended in spring or summers but also advised to use throughout the year to make sure that your skin blooms safely.

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TJC Lookbook 2020
OTO Douvalls Skin High Cannabis and Argan Oil


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Spring & Summers Handbags:

Whether it is a stroll down the park or going to a party, be it an office meeting or a summer gate away planned, a perfect handbag is the need of every lady out there. Multiple pockets and stylish looks, it is not easy my friend to find a fit! To cater to this concern, we have an absolutely stunning bag collection from sling to tote. They are available in various sizes to assist your requirements better and fit in your collection and heart very well. Playful colours and fresh designs wait at TJC, get them all before the lookbook sell them out!

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TJC Lookbook 2020

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We are pleased to present a platform to our customers to showcase their journey with our products and how they like to carry it! Now you can simply share your summer look with us and show the world how you style it your way, and we will feature the snap right at our site. Just head to the homepage of TJC and scroll down to #TJCSTYLE, upload an image and you are done! Also, you can always tag our social media handles while putting any picture on Facebook and Instagram while using the #tjcstyle and be the face of our website. So go wild and create your lookbook inspired look!

TJC Lookbook 2020

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