Savouring the Marvels of Handcrafted Jewellery

We all must have heard the folklores of jewellery manufacturing and how it started thousands of years ago. The use of jewellery was different for diverse cultural groups and mainly evolved from perforated beads, extracted out from the sea snails. After the pearls and shells, the jewellery gain reputation with stones and metal and hence came into being and today is such an essential part of our society and lives. With the change in techniques and means of crafting, we still believe in handcrafted luxuries. The magic of manual work and how our hands can prepare such beauty still amazes us, and hence we still fall for these handmade jewellery pieces every day. To celebrate the valuables inherited from the golden epoch, we have an incredible collection of jewellery inspired by the boundless wonders of the world and carved by word-class craftsman for you. 

 Handcrafted jewellery 

Within the past few decades, the jewellery saw some severe changes and is still evolving every day, for better days and journey ahead. To carry the classical values and raw form of beauty, we thought to introduce some handcrafted jewellery, made from stones like Jade and Shungite. Some incredible metal jewellery designs also caught our attention, and hence we intended to make them all familiar and available for our beloved customers. Check below for some of the best designs introduced from our Shungite, Jade and Royal Bali collection: 


The Spellbinding Jade Range: 

Having its cultural origins in the smoke-dimmed caves and sheds that sheltered prehistoric humans. The jade is a stone that had its fair share with humans and their crafting. When stone-age came, and the humans decided to make tools and weapons, stones like jade were loved for their hardness. When the beauty of jade drew attention, only then it became famous as a gemstone and was valued to be a part of the jewellery world. Brittle and bold, jade is just a perfect stone to bring life in our magnificent designs. Breaking the geographical barriers, this gorgeous gem jade is mined in the lands of China, Alaska, Australia, Brazil and some other corners of the world.  Have a look at some of the gorgeous green jade jewellery pieces: 

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The Story of Shungite: 

Let’s take a moment and apricate the beauty of this lesser-known gemstone in the world of gems and jewellery. It can welcome you to the wondrous world of dark hues and depth like none. There is something about this ebony black stone that can take the breath away in this world that’s heaving for more. This is the symphony we created for you in our handcrafted jewellery colllection to offer you a little magic. Made from 98% Carbon, the Shungite displays an array of darkness depending on the deposit of carbon in its being. With beauty comes the beliefs and the Shungite too has people hooked around. Some say it got some incredible properties while due to the Fullerenes inside, some people use it for its antioxidant nature. Keeping these aside, this dark stone is ideal for people planning to buy a piece of bold jewellery. It is wonderfully used in our collection, and due to the rare availability is always in demand. Find some products from this gorgeous Shungite jewellery range below: 

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The Creations from Royal Bali Collection: 

Inspiration can arise from anywhere and the sweet symphony created in Royal Bali collection states just the same notion. Drawing the grace from the vintage times and retro days, the brand serves well to the name. Majestic and magical, this handcrafted jewellery collection is rich in designs, and comes alive with the stardust in your eyes. The Royal Bali collection is an ode to the fluid designs and artistry, best showcased with delicate handcrafted details and metal artistry done by the skilled hands. Evoke ecstasy and own the majesty of this classic collection, inspired by the Balinese culture, explore below: 

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Nothing shines like the spirit of a woman, and hence with the information above, we would like to help you find your right pick. There is something as graceful as you are waiting at TJC, make sure you explore the whole collection to get the best out of our handcrafted jewellery assortment. 

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