Have I Got News For You!

Have you heard the fabulous news, Anoushka Williams is back on air on Friday 31st at 6 p.m to 10 p.m. ..… Yes, it’s true and oh so very exciting! Anoushka has been away from The Jewellery Channel for a bit due to a mishap with a car door – and unfortunately the car door won.

In case you haven’t “met” Anoushka before here is a little bio for you first.

“It all began in a house a long time ago in Reading where a young girl with a very bad squint, would sit nose to screen watching programmes wearing her NHS specs hoping one day she could be on the other side! With her sights fixed firmly on a media goal Anoushka studied a Media degree at the University of Westminster, and then fell into a career in advertising. After 3 years of working her way up the corporate ladder, she looked around and realised she had ended up on a road that really wasn’t her and realised it was time to make that TV dream a reality. Now a very recognisable face, Anoushka has almost 10 years experience under her belt and has presented on numerous channels. She’s even managed to work with or should I say laugh with her TV hero Rustie Lee along the way! Anoushka said ‘Shopping is my hobby so I love that I get to help people treat themselves to the goodies at TJC. Life’s too short so go on spoil yourself with our calorie free jewellery!”

As a special treat for you I managed to get a few bits and pieces of gossip from Anoushka before she returns to air!

Good luck Noush, we are glad to have you back!

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