Have you heard about TJC’s One for One charity?

One of our founding principles here at TJC is to do the right thing.

TJC’s One for One programme is purely about doing the right thing – for you as our customer, for our TJC team and all the communities in which we operate.

Since the 1st January 2015 we’ve launched a major charitable programme aimed initially at school children in India, offering them a freshly made hot school lunch. We trust that a hot meal is an incentive for parents to send their children to school rather than out to work, eventually improving their long term health and work prospects.

TJC believe there’s a strong link between children’s learning, productivity and nutrition which means we are truly able to influence the future potential of these children and the communities in which they live.


Why India?

You may ask why India. The answer is simple – India is where our business was founded, so it only makes sense for us to start in our founding community, however, TJC hope to start making a difference in other countries in which we operate including the UK and America very soon!

How does it work?
For every item you buy, we’ll provide a meal for a hungry child – There are no conditions, no clauses, we’re not asking you to donate – we are actually funding this on your behalf. This means we will fund over 2 million school lunches this year alone… So you can feel a little less guilty about splurging on that must have item!

See how we’ve made a difference already…

Like and share this video with friends and family if you want to support our charity.

We spoke to our friends and families and they thought TJC’S One for One programme was a great idea! We would love to hear what you think too.

For more information head over to TJC One for One 

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  1. I have been buying beautiful items from TJC for sometimes now and Iam very happy to know that some money from what I buy goes towards charity which supports hungry children What a wonderful thing to do ! thank you

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