A Hello From Stacey

Here at TJC, we like to think of ourselves as a forever growing family. And there’s nothing like catching up with different family members, so, we decided to catch up with the lovely Stacey to see how she has been getting on with her last few weeks of pregnancy and what she has been getting up to since her last show!

We just can’t leave you alone! How have you been?

I always love doing these catch up’s with TJC, as it’s the best way to stay in contact with customers, when I’m not on TV.

Everything has been well, although, I think I’ve been even busier on maternity leave than when I was at work!

So, what have you been up to?

I spent last week catching up with friends for breakfast/lunch, and I was generally just outand about, I took a trip to the cinema and also went for afternoon tea.

Other than that, I think I must have washed and ironed over 60 baby grows. It’s not all baby related at home though, it’s my mums 60th birthday this Saturday so we are having a big family meal out. Bleieve it or not, she has already picked her prezzie – a beautiful AAA blue sapphire and diamond bracelet from TJC.

And of course, as you guys already know, it’s my little sister’s wedding on the 1st of August, which is cutting it close as my due date is July 31st eeek! I bought some special Rachel galley pieces to wear as I don’t quite know whether I’ll be super pregnant or a new mum by then, so allegro bangles, and longline pendent to the rescue!

Anything you’d like to say to TJC viewers?

I would like to say a massive, big thank you to all the viewers who have sent me presents, cards and well wishes, it’s all very much appreciated. I miss every one loads already and don’t plan to be away for too long, but for now I’m off to put my feet up and have a nice cool drink x

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