Hello from Vicki!

Hi there my lovelies,

It’s me Vicki, Queen of Sparkle. Firstly I’d just like to say a very big thank you for all the lovely messages I’ve received over the past few months. Your kind words are a great source of comfort and inspiration.

As you all know I was diagnosed with a brain tumour two and a half years ago and had it removed. However in October last year we discovered that the tumour had returned. This latest tumour was removed successfully, but unfortunately a biopsy revealed that it was cancerous.

With the support and care of an amazing medical team I am undergoing treatment and I’m feeling really positive about my recovery. I can’t wait to get back on the telly doing what I love – bringing you fabulous sparkle.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what’s happening via our blog so stay tuned!

Lots of love and see you soon
Vicki xxx


48 thoughts on “Hello from Vicki!

  1. Hi Vicki, you are amazing, miss you so much on TJC & cannot wait for the Return of The Queen of Sparkle, best wishes Suzanne xxx

  2. Oh Vicki, I had no idea that you have been so ill! I was very sorry to see you leave TJC, I have been ill for many years, and have sat watching TJC as I love jewellery. It has always really cheered me up to watch all the madness that goes on and I must say that you have been my favourite presenter! You’re so glamorous and beautiful, and strike me as a genuinely lovely lady, you will be sadly missed off TJC I know, and greatly missed by me! All the best for you and your family, many thanks, Thomasina Dodd. XXX

  3. hi queen of sparkle I have missed you on the jewellery channel its not been the same with out you hurry back get well soon xx

  4. HI Vicki, you are such an amazing lady, sending you lots of love & praying that you will make a complete recovery soon, can’t wait to see The Queen of Sparkle back on TJC asap.xxx

  5. Hi Vicky. You are one brave lady for sharing your story. I hope that you continue to get stronger and make a full recovery. I really miss your sparkly presence on the channel and hope to see your smiley face back on the screen soon. Best wishes sent your way. XXX

  6. Hi Vicki ,I have just read your blog and was so shocked.I hope you you make a full recovery very soon,we all love and miss our Queen Sparkle.Get well soon love and best wishes xxxxx

  7. Hi Vicky if any one on the planet can beat it you can you are an inspiration to all who come into contact with you and you give hope to everyone we need the sunshine and your sparkle back on TJC ASAP LOVE & LIGHT from Jean x x x x

  8. Hi Vicky,
    I miss seeing you on the T.V. all the best for a speedy recovery, Its not the same without you
    Best wishes to you and your family

  9. Hi Vicki you are a very beautiful brave lady. Wishing you well in your recovery.you are in my thoughts and prayers

  10. Hi Vicki,
    Only just read your blog I am so sorry your news wasn’t better for you, you are an inspiration to us all and
    you will beat this! TJC just isn’t the same without you please get well soon and bring the sparkle back!
    Love to you and your family
    Jennie xxx

    1. Hi Jennie,

      We’ll be sure to pass on your good wishes to Vicki! Treatment is ongoing but Vicki is doing well. We can’t wait to have her back on the TV!

      TJC x

  11. Dear Vicki, I do miss you! You are often in my thoughts and I remember you in my prayers. My husband conquered cancer and I am confident that you will too!!! Being positive and “going with the flow” as my husband put it, is half the battle!! So, I send you my warmest wishes and hope you will be back at work soon.
    Much love, Margaret

  12. Hi Vicki, I had no idea you were poorly as I work during the day and don’t see the show so was unaware that you were away from work. I send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Lots of love, Karen. xxx

  13. Vicki, you are an inspiration to us all, an amazing lady and a true star. Sending lots of love for a fast and full recovery, missing you on TJC! xxxx

    1. hi vicky i often think of you and wish you all the best. hurry up back to tjc is not the same without you . best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. My comment says it awaits moderation. So may I just say I send you much love Vicki and hope you will be back on screen soon. Think last message too long!xxxx

  15. Hi vicki..read your blog and am shocked by your revelations…I wish you all the best..stay strong and keep smiling…im sure we will see you back on our screens very soon… luv n hugz xx

  16. Hi Vicky, I was wondering where you were.I’m so sorry you have been through so much and I’m inspired by your positive attitude! Rest up, get well and see you back presenting very soon!
    Love, Emma xx

  17. Hi Vicki, miss your sparkle on TJC. keep positive. My love and best wishes to you and your family. Christina xxx

  18. Dearest Vicky, missing you girl and I hope you soon bring back the sparkle and fun back into our life as I wish you love and and positive energy to go through this difficult time in your life. xxx

  19. VICKI!!! Have only just found out!!! U are SO missed, WISH you and your family so much love and joy. Want you back on our screen please. X Liz S

  20. So very sorry to hear you are ill again Vicky, stay strong, be positive, we all send positive energy for your healing. I hope TJC realise that you are TJC (andChloe!) . Sending love light and reiki healing from Belfast. Xx

  21. Hi Vicky,
    Out of sight but definitely not out of mind – have been wondering how you are for several months and have just caught up with this blog. Sending you my heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. You certainly are an inspiration to us all. Hope to see you on the show very soon.
    With love,
    Louise Eldridge

  22. Hi vicky hope you are recovering well. You do not deserve the hard time you have had over the last 2 or 3 years. Hope your treatment is successful and we see you back on screen in the near future. Miss your cheerful face on screen . Lol frances montgomery from eastkilbride scotland.

  23. Hi Vicki darling, Was wondering where you were. TJC is not the same without you! Just read your blog my lovely. Sending you loads of prayer, love, healing and hugs. You are as beautiful inside as you are outside and that’s what is going to help you heal. Keep smiling and fighting Vicky. You are an inspiration to us all and everyone who know you will be praying for your speedy recovery with complete lifetime of remission. God Bless Queen of Sparkle x x x x
    Love Debra Inkles x x x x

  24. Hi Vicki. I want to say you are an amazing Lady. Beautiful inside and out. Your personality will heal you from within. Sending you loads of health, love and hugs for a speedy recovery. Everyone who knows you will be praying for you and wishing you a 100% recovery and a lifetimes remission. God Bless Queen of Sparkle x x x x Love Debra Inkles x x x x

  25. Hi Vicky – so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. TJC is not the same without your brilliant sense of humour and sparkling personality!! You brought a genuine love of the jewellery and I bought my first Emerald ring from TJC based on your wealth of knowledge about the stone and every time I wear the ring I think of you. Take care Vicky and I wish you a speedy recovery. Scotland is a wonderful place to recover and when you are well enough try to visit this beautiful country.

    Very best wishes
    Christene Broome x

  26. Hi Vicki – You are definitely missed on tjc as you had the most bubbly personality and the gorgeous smile you had all the time when you were presenting all the items. All the best for he future and hope that you recover speedily and take care of yourself and I give you all my love as a customer who watches tjc all the time or as and when I can.

    Take care Vicki

    Love and best wishes

    Katrina Thompson (from Orpington, Kent)

  27. Hi Vicky, I always enjoy watching you, you’re always so bubbly and you just sparkle on our screens (well, of course you do, you’re the Queen of Sparkle, after all!). Seriously, you’re one of my favourites, and it comes across how much you love your jewellery! Get well soon, and come on back to our screens, you are much missed,
    Much love

    1. Lynda,

      Right now we don’t have too much info to report back. However Vicki is continuing treatment and is doing well! We miss her loads!

      TJC x

  28. Hi Vicky,me an the misses was just wondering where you had got to when we heard the news. Hope everything goes well for you and you have only the best luck in future.warren@felicity

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