How to find your perfect everyday jewellery

We know how great it feels to wear a simply stunning piece of jewellery, no matter what the occasion. We would even go as far as saying that wearing a ring or necklace can really help to lift our mood, making us feel and look ultra glamorous even on the dreariest of days.

While some will have a collection of pieces that they only bring out on special occasions, others may have items of jewellery that they wear every day without fail. When it comes to choosing a piece of everyday jewellery though, it’s not as easy as you might think.

If you are used to selecting extravagant, statement pieces, for example, you may not know where to begin when looking for something that’s more suited to everyday wear. So if you’re on the hunt for that perfect piece that you can wear day in and day out, here are a few tips:


The most important aspect to consider for your everyday piece of jewellery is comfort. Whether you opt for a pair of earrings, a bracelet, necklace or ring, ask yourself: does this feel comfortable?

In order to achieve a high level of comfort, you should ensure that your jewellery fits properly. Don’t choose a ring that you have to force on and off your finger; once on, your ring should be able to move a full circle around your finger, but only when you twist it yourself. Likewise with bracelets, choose one that doesn’t fall down onto your hand, but sits comfortably at the bottom of your wrist.

Essentially, your jewellery item should be comfortable to the point where you can’t even feel that you are wearing it.


Another important consideration is the jewellery design you settle for. Choosing an item that’s heavily embellished in diamonds or has additional features like hanging charms perhaps isn’t the most convenient for everyday wear.

Therefore, simplicity is key. The advantages of selecting a subtle design is that it will match whatever outfit you choose to wear without drawing attention away from it.

You may be worried that a simple piece of jewellery will look a little dull, but even the most understated items can be the most elegant and sophisticated. What’s more, you will be able to pair your everyday jewellery with your special occasion pieces, rather than having to remove it.


Practicality is important when it comes to jewellery that you are going to wear every day. This is where you should think about the types of jobs you carry out on a daily basis. If you use your hands a lot, be it from typing or cleaning, you may not want to wear a heavy ring.

If you have a highly active job, such as a gym instructor, you may wish to wear a pair of studded earrings every day rather than a dainty necklace that could easily get damaged.

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