This year, Mother’s Day falls on March 6th, which means you best get planning how to treat your mum!

While we’re sure you let your mum know how special she is throughout the year, Mothering Sunday is the perfect excuse to really spoil her.

Rather than simply grabbing a bunch of flowers and a card – which she probably does appreciate – why not do something a bit more special? Take some time to plan something a bit different to show your mum some real appreciation.

Read on to find so fab ideas that are sure to put a huge smile on your mum’s face come Mother’s Day.


Instead of just popping around to your mum’s for an hour or so to drop of her pressie, why not make a day of it?

Pick your mum up in the morning and take her out for a nice breakfast to start the day. You can then do something together for the rest of the day that she’ll enjoy.

This can be anything – so long as your mum will want to do it – from heading to the garden centre to a day of shopping or even going to watch a film. Make the day about her and she is bound to love every minute.


If your mum is usually the one in the kitchen putting together the family meals, ban her from cooking for a day and prepare a special dinner for her yourself.

This is a lot more personal than simply heading to a restaurant and ensures that she gets her favourite meal. You could even get the whole family together and get your siblings to each cook a course.

Not only will this make it easier than if you were to make everything, it also means your mum gets to enjoy you all being with her on Mother’s Day.


Mums are notorious for not really putting their feet up, so make sure you mum gets a chance to relax on Mothering Sunday by taking her for a pamper.

This could be something small like taking her to get her hair and nails done or gifting her with a massage, or you could go for a spa day to let her get totally pampered.

You could then carry on the pamper at home with a lovely gift from our beauty range so she has no excuse not to take some time for herself every once in a while.


Presents are always a lovely way to say thanks to your mum for always being there, so make sure you pick out the perfect thing for ready for March 6th.

It is a great idea to get her something that she wouldn’t ordinarily buy for herself, such as jewellery. This will make you gift extra special and ensure she knows that it comes from the heart.

Have a look at our latest jewellery and accessory styles here to find the gift that will really show your mum you care this Mother’s Day.

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