How to wear Christmas colours

Christmas is just around the corner and as well as giving you an excuse to start buying gifts, the festive season is also influencing fashion choices.

There are two shades that scream Christmas and right now they are also perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your look. Red and green are must-have colours for AW14, even if you aren't a fan of the festive season.

Both tones work with the luxury trend, allowing you to fit with the cool look or warm things up a bit. Even small amounts of either shade can help pick up an outfit, which is why jewellery is the perfect choice for going festive with your style.

But it isn't just any red or green jewellery that we love right now. You can't do much better than gorgeous green emeralds and ravishing red rubies when it comes to festive fashion, and at The Jewellery Channel we have a stunning selection for all budgets.

So how exactly do you wear these two beautiful gems?


When it comes to wearing rubies, it is a good idea to bear in mind the fact that they have a very strong colour. This means you want to wear them with a shade that won't clash – after all, you want your stones to stand out for the right reasons.

There are several options in terms of the colour of the ruby, from dark blood red to a lighter magenta. This means you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the right piece for you.

If you are going dark with your stone, try keeping the jewellery more simple in order to really let it shine. Something like this 9K Gold African ruby Solitaire Ring is a great choice.

The gold band works perfectly with the deep crimson stone, helping it to stand out more and creating a warm look. The large single ruby is elegant while still making a strong statement that will work well with a luxury festive ensemble.

You could team it with a simple pair of Yellow Gold Plated African Ruby Solitaire Stud Earrings to complete the look. 


These gorgeous green stones work perfectly if you want to embrace the ice queen look this season and go for shades on the cooler end of the colour spectrum. Just as with rubies, they are available in a range of depths, creating a huge number of looks for everyone.

We love teaming emeralds with pale stones – like diamonds and white topaz – to create a really glittering look that is all about opulence. This Kegem Zambian Emerald and White Topaz Bracelet is absolutely stunning and will help make a sparkling statement no matter the occasion.

The platinum overlay sterling silver and white stones all work to make the pale green emeralds stand out and create a sophisticated style.

However, if you want to mix warm and cool shades together this season, you can always team emeralds and gold for a look that is just as smart. 

This Iliana 18K Gold Biyaca Colombian Emerald Solitaire Ring is the perfect teaming of gold and green and creates a similar look to the ruby ring. 

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