How to wear December’s birthstone: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a really beautiful stone that is as rare as it is stunning. It is only available from one place in the world, which is one of the reasons it is so sought after; the other reason being its gorgeous and unusual colour.

Found only in Tanzania, with its discovery only taking place in 1967, Tanzanite has become one of the most popular stones in the world. Known at the gemstone of the 20th century, it has a stunning blueish purple colour that can be pretty and light or deep and rich. 

This difference in shades and its supreme sparkle mean it is a beautiful choice for jewellery, especially if you are born in December.

As the birthstone of the Christmas month, it is a great choice to give as a gift to anyone who has a birthday this month or to wear yourself if you want jewellery that is a little bit different. The cool colour also works perfectly with the ice queen trend to create a glittering look is sure to make a statement.

With this in mind, what is the best way to wear beautiful tanzanite jewellery?

Not to bright

If you're wearing tanzanite, you definitely want its natural colour to shine through. This means you should avoid any clothing, accessories or makeup that are going to swamp the stone's hue and stop it from really sparkling.

Simple colours like black, white and silver work really well with tanzanite whether you are going for a dark or light shade with the stone. These tones work as the ideal backdrop for the stone, making its aura even more obvious.

You can also create a contrast by choosing green as the main colour of your outfit. This is a great choice if you want to add a bit of luxury to your look as dark, rich greens are a key part of the luxe trend. The shade will help the purple hue of tanzanite really pop, which will complete your ensemble perfectly.

Warm or cool

You should decide whether you want to add a touch of warmth to your look or go for a slightly cooler colour palette. While tanzanite is in itself on the colder end of the shade spectrum, it can be warmed up with gold metals, which work just as well as silver or white gold settings.

The different metals create very different looks, which can make your whole outfit lean one way or the other. As the stone works with any of these metal choices, it really is down to your personal taste.

If you want to go for a fully warm look, you could even stray away from the blue and purple tanzanite and go for something even more stand out in the form of yellow tanzanite. This shade of the stone – as seen in this beautiful Gold Natural Yellow Tanzanite and Diamond Ring – is totally different from your usual tanzanite and creates a really warm feel to an outfit.

Light or dark

You should also look at how big an impact you want your tanzanite to make. If you are wearing several pieces of jewellery that feature the stone or if you want to be subtle in your look, you might want to consider choosing a lighter variations.

However, if you want to look luxurious and really make a statement, a deeper stone on a single piece of jewellery could be the right selection for you. With so many variations of colour, tanzanite can suit any mood or style.

For a lighter look, pale stones that are teamed with white gemstones are a really beautiful option. Something like these Tanzanite and Simulated Diamond Lever Back Earrings will stand out without being too bright. The diamonds add a nice touch of sparkle that really highlights the pale tanzanite, meaning it will stand out whether your hair is up or down.

Alternatively, simple shapes and darker stones can be used to create a rich statement that just screams luxury. The look of this Iliana 18K Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant is very different from the earrings, drawing the eye in an effortless fashion.

Something like this should be teamed with simple jewellery or worn all on its own so it can really be appreciated.

Every day

Of course, you can also wear tanzanite jewellery every day as The Jewellery Channel has a great range of pieces at a great range of prices. This means you can treat yourself or someone else to jewellery for both day and night without blowing your budget.

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