How to wear fresh florals for summer

Florals are a great trend for spring and summer, tying your style in perfectly with the seasons. However, this look comes around every year, which can leave it feeling a bit tired, especially if you end up re-wearing some old favourites.

There are different ways you can wear florals that will help keep your look fresh, allowing you to wear your favourite trend this season. Here are some of our best ways to wear this summery look for SS16:​

Abstract florals

While classic floral prints are great, if you want something a bit different, abstract styles are a great way to go. These work particularly well over large areas, such as sundresses or maxi skirts, as you need to go big with abstract prints to ensure they are viewed correctly.

Choose pieces that don’t look like flowers to start with and that use plenty of colours and textures to create a bright look. This will work well with the 1970s trend but modernise the style slightly.

Classic prints

If you’re a big fan of classic floral prints, you can still use these throughout your outfits. Rather than wearing them across clothing, which can age your look slightly, choose smaller items that showcase flowers.

Accessories, jewellery and shoes that feature more classic styles of floral print are a great way to lift an ensemble and add a bit more colour. They also mean you can wear florals every day, transforming any outfit into a bright summery one.

Items like this Blue and Multi-Colour Flowers and Leaves Cashmere Hand Embroidered Bag help to introduce classic floral styles into any look without being over the top. They also mean you can combine different floral styles and colours together to create a really varied outfit.

Subtle touches

Of course, you don’t have to go big with the florals you choose to wear. Subtle touches can be just as effective, especially when combined with trends that don’t necessarily lend themselves to floral element, such as the tailored look.

One of the best ways to introduce quiet floral touches to an outfit is through your jewellery. You can choose pieces that feature bright flowers that contrast darker shades or small, more abstract florals.

Something like this Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Flower Ring can be worn as the only floral item in your look or it can be layered up with other small items, like stud earrings. This will inject a touch of the season into your wardrobe without going overboard with flower patterns.

Trendy wraps

One of the most popular items you need in your wardrobe this season is a wrap or kimono. Whether you’re heading to the beach and need a bit of extra cover or simply want to dress up your jeans and T-shirt, a wrap is a great way to do it.

As they are lighter than a jacket, wraps and kimonos allow you to layer up without overheating. They can also add colour to simple outfits, helping to elevate your wardrobe with minimal effort. On top of this, they are a great way to introduce any type of floral pattern.

Pieces like this Cherry and Multi-Colour Flower Pattern Scarf are big enough to serve as a wrap and to be worn in a number of different ways. It features a classic floral pattern that can be contrasted with other modern items to result in a varied and totally on-trend outfit.

Alternatively, something like this Multi-Colour Floral Pattern Pink Kimono with Tassels can just be thrown on with any outfit – especially boho styles – without you needing to style it and is sure to become your go-to choice for summer.

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