Hues of Gold – Different gold colours at TJC

Gold is one of the finest metals used in jewellery making. We commonly think that gold only comes in yellow hue but there are other gold colours. These gold hues vary in intensity, composition as well as value. Here are some of the most popular gold colours that are commonly used in making jewellery pieces:

Rose Gold

Different gold colours at TJC
Natural Pink Diamond Floral Stud Earring in 18K Rose Gold

The rose gold was prevalent during the 19th century and it was known as ‘Russian Gold’. It features a reddish hue, thus, the name rose gold. Rose gold is a mixture of gold and copper. It has 25% copper and 75% gold. Many women love rose gold because of its vintage vibe. Rose gold jewellery pieces are classic and chic. In present times, it has gained much more popularity than any other gold colours. You’ll find the most picturesque rose gold jewellery at TJC, filled with treasures of designs and keepsake pieces. 

White Gold

different gold colours at TJC
New York Close Out 14K White Gold Diamond Ring

White gold can be produced when mixed with other metals like silver, palladium, nickel and more. White gold rings are popular for men because it’s versatile and simple. It is the metal choice for you if you’re looking for something pristine, classy, and something that will remain the same for years and years to come. 

Yellow Gold

different gold colours at TJC
Diamond Solitaire Pendant with Chain in 18K Gold

Yellow gold is one of the most popular colours of gold. The traditional pick among all the gold colours, it makes for the best classic jewellery designs. It features a stunning hue that every jewellery collectors love. The purity of yellow gold can be measured in karats. It is available in 9karats, 14karats, 18karats, 24Karats and more. Since gold is a very soft metal it needs to be mixed with other metals for durability.




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