Ice and a slice: How to include citrus shades in your style

The summer season is upon us, which means that many of you will probably soon be jetting off to an exotic destination in a bid to soak up the sun. While you might have packed your swimsuits ready to hit the beach, you may be at a loose end when it comes to choosing your day and evening outfits.

If you typically wear plain, dark colours like black and grey, a summer holiday is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe palette and get adventurous with bright, bold shades and prints.

Citrus colours like orange, lime and yellow are on-trend right now, but can be tricky to incorporate into your style without looking too over the top. After all, nobody wants to look like a walking fruit bowl!

So if you're wondering how to add a splash of colour to your summer look by including citrus shades, read on:


Prints are a great way to introduce a pop of colour to your outfit. Not only are they extremely eye-catching, but they're also normally offset with a more subtle shade, so you don't have to worry about your ensemble looking too overwhelming.

Full-circle skirts are a perfect summer choice and can come complete in a range of prints, such as floral, paisley or pinstripe. Channelling the likes of style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, a full-circle skirt oozes femininity and elegance, and is bound to make you look and feel like one-million dollars.

Shades such as lime green and white or mandarin and black look stunning when paired together and will really make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

To avoid your outfit looking too "busy", team your skirt with a vest or crop top in a simple block colour. 


Whether you opt for a citrus top, dress or skirt, you could even match your shoes to the bold shade in your outfit. This means you'll be able to step out in style and make twice the statement.

If you're heading out in the evening, pop on a pair of pointed court shoes or in the day, add a pair of jelly sandals in your chosen zingy colour.

If you don't want your shoes to look too bright, but still want to stand out, you can incorporate citrus colours into your ensemble with pastel tones like lemon and peach. These shades are are subtle, yet still on-trend and super cute.


Showcasing citrus colours doesn't just have to be done through your clothes; accessories such as jewellery are another brilliant way to give your look that wow factor.

Statement pieces of jewellery, such as a necklace, arm cuff or hooped earrings, can all incorporate your favourite zesty shades and create the perfect summer look. This is great for if you want to wear a simple outfit, but are in need of that little something to bring it to life.

Our Orange Glass Necklace is a must-have for your holiday jewellery collection and one that you're bound to love. The glass beads add a sparkle effect, while the citrus orange shade will certainly draw the eye.

Wear your necklace with a bandeau style top or dress with a sweetheart neckline to really show off its beauty.

If you opt for a printed top or dress with a high neckline, however, our set of two Yellow and Green Earrings are your best bet. Made from Austrian crystals, these earrings really are the perfect summer ear candy. 

Wear them with your hair styled in a cute up-do, so as to make them the main feature of your look. If you want to be extra quirky, you could even mix and match your earrings by wearing one of each colour.

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