A little luxury: my guide to some incredible handbags for women!

Evolved at a young age, my fondness towards handbags led me to write this article. Realizing the variety of handbags for women we have today, I hope my experience and direction here help every pretty lady find her best piece! Continue reading to know my little bag story:

One of the many things I have inherited from my dear Mother was her love for handbags!  I guess it happened by osmosis from a very young age when I used to play dress up and borrow her sparkly evening bags.  Eventually, she bought me my own jewel-encrusted beauties to save hers from getting damaged when I danced around the house with them! The great thing these days is that is such a variety out there, and anything goes.  At TJC Style we have not only a great range of handbags for women but also very competitive prices whether you are going for a fashion, one-season wonder, or a more classic, long-lasting leather tote which you’ll use for years to come.

Know your requirements?

Picking right handbags for women is always tough! and if you are anything like me, you will have some strict criteria of what you expect from your beloved bags.  Obviously my “must-haves” of a bag do change depending on what occasion I’m buying them for but some definite “no-nos” carry across all styles.

For example, I really don’t feel comfortable having a bag that doesn’t do up (unless it’s a basket), it must have some sort of strap and be fit for purpose.  Think about what your criteria are and make sure your purchases live up to your expectations.  I am all for a slight deviation from the norm, though.  For example, I don’t usually go for a crossbody bag, but I did buy one earlier in the year for my holiday in South Africa. I wanted security for my possessions to be paramount while touring around. Maybe you like lots of sections or wish it to be lightweight from the start?  Perhaps outside pockets are a “must” for you (I do prefer them) or you like to have a long-lasting leather bag that you use for years?

In the hope that I’ve selected something for everyone, I’ve chosen the following styles in three different categories:

Leather Bags:

  • In leather, I’ve gone for a backpack which is great for hands-free safety which appeals to commuters and Mums pushing prams.
  • I have also chosen a high-end designer bag from our very own Lucy Q. As you would expect, these are very high quality and stylish, just like her fabulous jewellery.
  • Thirdly I’ve selected a beautiful, hand-painted Sukriti bag which carries its own individuality so no one will have the same bag as you. Great one as a gift idea too.
  • Last but not least is this superb metallic tote bag. I just adore this colour and will be great for this season too.

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Cross Body Bags:

If you are a fan of cross body bags, we have so many to choose from.  Here I’ve selected an organiser one which is excellent for travelling with, a stylish purple leather one which can also be carried on the shoulder (this is my personal favourite), a quirky and unique embroidered bag, and then finally a classic everyday option with two interchangeable straps that could be used for work too.

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Clutch Bags: 

In this final category of handbags for women, I’ve chosen four clutch bags which are all very different, so you could easily justify more than one!

  • I like the first one for its quality dark silver leather, and it is also not too small for a night out.
  • The second is a stunning peacock embroidered bag with a vintage style clasp opening which will set you apart from the crowd on a night out.
  • Number three is an all-out glamour, crystal-encrusted Greek key design for a head-turning entrance to a special occasion. I adore the sparkle from this one.
  • Finally, I’ve put in a set of three in glossy leather so you can mix and match them as the day requires.

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I really do hope that I’ve described a good selection to you of some of my favourites but do remember that our website carries so many more so do keep stopping by to see what is new!

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