Ignite Your Fire: Fire Opals

This month we’re celebrating everything Opal especially the fiery, Jalisco Fire Opal, so keep reading to find out all about this gem born out of fire…

Stone of the bird of paradise. This stone is adored because of its stunning and iconic orangey- red hue. Formed millions of years ago when water seeped into the silica deposited into rock voids by the lava flowing from Mexico’s ancient volcanoes, fire opals are thought to be born straight out of fire! It is also named the ‘stone of the bird of paradise’.

Where is it found? With very few exceptions, fire opals are often found in cavities and crevices.

A world adored gem. The best Fire Opals can be found in Mexico, however, this gemstone can be found throughout the world; Hounduras, The USA, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia, Turkey and even Brazil.

Hues of Fire Opals. Fire Opals are notoriously known for the beautiful fiery colouration, although, stones found in Brazil come in a spectrum of warm hues, ranging from expressive yellow right through to a light red.

Where does Fire Opal get it’s colour? Fire opals consist of silicic acid with a high water content. But, the colour comes from fine traces of iron oxide. The fire opal is a sensitive gemstones which requires protective setting as it sits at 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale.

The legend of Fire Opal. Some say that Fire Opals give its wearer courage, staminam will-power and energy.

Style to sizzle. The Opal is a stand out gem that deserves to be worn and adored alone, however, if you do want to wear other pieces of jewellery the fire opal styles beautifully along with exeptional pearls and berry toned garnets, which will complement fire opals hues beautifully.

The volcanoes that gave birth to these spectacular stones may have run dry, but the fire in each precious stone is very much alight – find your perfect Fire Opal now! 

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