Initial Pendants are back!

Trends are forever shifting which means we are always kept on our toes here at TJC, so is it any surprise that we have another one for you?

Understated, simple and sophisticated jewellery is sure-fire this year and if you’re like me you’ll be thanking the gods that you don’t have to be embellished from head to toe to be on trend.

Who remembers those gifts from family and friends that were personalised with your name or initial with pendants and charms? Yes, you guessed it! Start digging them up or simply head over to TJC to re-introduce these perfect pendants back into your jewellery boxes, and give your personal style a throwback with an added dash of sparkle.

This reminiscent childhood ‘must-have’ has surely moved on from the playground and is now back with a style overhaul! This classic gift is effective yet personal and won’t break the bank. Bought back to the forefront of jewellery trends by designer brand Louis Vuitton, their Me & Me Necklace has been an obsession within the fashion world, however, it does come with a hefty price tag, that’s why TJC have got you covered with a web exclusive!

Get back on track style wise with TJC’s timeless platinum or yellow gold plated initial pendants which make for the perfect accessory.  You can wear these all year round and for any occasion as these pretty pendants can easily take you from desk to dinner.

So, head over to TJC and find your lovely initial pendant, encrusted with a shimmering diamond, to stay effortlessly chic this season!

Will you be wearing or tearing this comeback?


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