Introducing a Personal Shopper Exclusive: Paraibe Apatite

Every month at TJC, our personal shopper team will offer you an exclusive collection, to treat yourself to – and throughout the month of July,  it’s all about tropical Paraibe Apatite!

Paraibe Apatite is an increasingly rare Brazilian gemstone, also found across the globe and adored by gemstone enthausiasts for its three particular colour variations; the first being  a very rare deep purple apatite, only found in the aptly named Mount Apatite in Maine, USA. And more commonly the Paraiba-like blue-green, and the light-green, otherwise known as the ‘asparagus stone’.

Some of the best specimens of apatite can rival famed Paraiba tourmaline, showing just how special this gem really is!

At TJC, our dedicated team of Personal Shopper advisors have extensive jewellery, gemstone and fashion expertise to ensure you make the most outstanding choice without any fuss. It’s their absolute mission to give our customers the best shopping experience possible, which is why they are giving you a special and exclusive collection every month, by taking it off the TJC website, so you can shop it!

Whether you’re looking to buy that ‘something special’ for yourself, or want the ideal gift for those near and dear to you, explore our personal shopper exclusives every month. This month, we’ve got a lovely collection, including special pair of Paraibe Apatite and Diamond push back earrings, a AA Paraibe Apatite and Diamond Bracelets, a gorgeous AA Paraibe Apatite Full Eternity Ring plus, so much more.

Discover this exclusive collection and enquire about pieces you like in the image above –  just ring one of our friendly Personal Shoppers on: 0344 375 2525*, Option 4  and they’ll be able to help you, get the perfect piece of Paraibe Apatite, before July comes to an end.

Shop with confidence and peace of mind with our expert Personal Shopper team and remember to look out for next month’s exclusive gemstone deal too! 

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