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Sajen Jewellery: Romanticising Fine Art and the Balinese Culture

It will not be wrong to say jewellery shapes the personality of wearers. For any women who truly adores her jewels, the inspiration behind it can solely attach a major significance to the piece. Historically, intellectuals from the great philosophers to the poets have been mesmerised by the beauty of nature and complex traditions, expressing it in beautiful words that captured our hearts for generations. So how could the creative minds responsible for crafting adornments resist the temptation of blending culture and natural forms into their art pieces? The birth of Sajen jewellery was seeded by the experiences Marianna and Richard Jacob had during their earlier years in Bali.

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‘Sajen’ in the local Balinese language means offerings. The people of Bali offer flowers, fruits and more to their gods during the worship. These offerings are said to appease the godChoosing the word as brand name was Jacobs’ way of showing their great love and adherence to the Balinese culture. 

How Sajen Jewellery Came into Existence?


Newlywed the Jacobs lived in a thatched roof, absorbing the cultural intricacies, and honing their skills, until one day, they decided to bring together ‘offerings’ that aptly captured the soul of Bali with help of glitzy semi-precious stones and elegant forms. As always, TJC found a way to collaborate with a brand that shared the same passion for jewellery making as we do. Their silver jewellery products come with a difference. Each masterpiece has a unique persona and gives you a sneak peek into the rich Balinese culture narrating an untold tale. 

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Forming Kaleidoscopic Display

The making process for their products is intriguing as before finalising a design for production, each of them is first hand-drawn on paper. What is more exciting about the range is, their adornments are covered in bright semi-precious stones which are not only eye-catchy but also come at a much more affordable piece. Since Jacobs are well-acquainted with the healing traditions, they often integrate motifs and symbols that are more meaningful and soothing to eyes in their designs. Capable of evoking different emotions like adoration and reverence in the wearer, every adornment from Sajen jewellery is a true delight to own. 

You don’t have to wait any longer, just browse through our collection featuring the esteemed brand and allow yourself to wear something that truly exotic.

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