Invite colour changing Alexite into your treasure chests!

Want something new and exclusive? Explore our new Alexite jewellery collection and find true beauty that will transcend the tests of time!

Amazing Alexite is a created gemstone new to TJC, holding similar qualities to the natural and lustrous colour changing gemstone, Alexandrite.

Originally said to be discovered in Russia in the 1800’s on Tsar Alexander 18th Birthday, this magnificent gem is adored for its outstanding beauty and rarity and even described as mesmerising due to its dramatic colour transformation seen in different light.

Although a new created gem, Alexite has been given the same remarkable qualities as its stunning predecessor Alexandrite. Adore Alexite’s colour changing qualities as a result of Pleochroism – an optical occurrence causing the grains of the stone to appear as different colour when looked in different light and at different angles.  Colour is spread throughout the gem and is consistently brilliant from edge to edge. This magical gem is also the exact same hardness as Alexandrite, sitting at 8.5 on the Mohs scale which is great as you can get a luxurious hard wearing created gem at an equally attractive price!

Unearth the beautiful qualities of Alexite now at TJC, and pick between two stunning colour variations; Autumn Alexite or Lavender Alexite  – watch the stone turn from a burnt orange to a lustrous forest green, or choose deep Lavender Alexite which transforms into a Tanzanite blue right before your eyes. Prepare to be amazed with a gem that will dazzle not only you but your friends too!

Alexite is also believed to strengthen intuition, aid creativity and inspire imagination. So, get the Alexandrite look for less and own two unique jewels at the price of one with Alexite

This season invite Alexite into your treasure chests – it is as luxurious as Sapphire and Emerald!

How will you be wearing yours?


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