It’s Never Too Late – Last Minute Preps For Halloween Party

If the thought of throwing a last-minute Halloween party sums up your childhood memories for jello eyeballs and the toilet paper-strewn lawn, maybe it’s time to think like a grown up! Reinvent your sweet and dated traditions with a punch and if that comes with its own set of last minute preps, you better rush.

Planning a fright fest or a cute Halloween gathering, you need to mark it down before rushing all over the town.

Fret not, we’ve have zeroed on this spooky party night for you.

1. Setting a budget

Be wary of spending too much. For that, plan a budget on which you shouldn’t be exceeding a penny (well, if the situation allows). Halloween party home decor and essentials will be the sight of the town so it won’t be a big catch.

2. Deck up your Pumpkin

Last minute is no time to practice your sculpting skills on a pumpkin. For the better, if you know it already, kudos! On an execution front, you may choose from a bat, witch or haunted house and sculpt nothing like a pro, but a layman who just want to impress the guests. A candle inside and dim those lights! Your very own Jack-o-Lantern is here. For the last minute Halloween hurrah, glam up your home with white pumpkins (if you haven’t put in the autumn vibes already).

3. Spooky snacks

Go with the frightening night vibe and display snacks that look spooky enough. Choose any snack from a mini baked potato to sausages. But raise the spooky factor with a ‘bloody’ dip of ketchup and sour cream. Also, fill those craving bellies with some comforting food – your responsibility as an ideal host. Opt for a pot of pasta rather than cooking complicated dishes.

4. Drinks Menu – oh yes!

It is not a Halloween party without a satiating glass of something to pump up. Match the Halloween party theme serving gloomy shades of blood like red drinksĀ  – spiced wine and rumberry punch- how about that? Also, add your own elements from your average blood punch boozy cocktails.

5. And finally – Throw together a costume

This is where you need to spend some time (or not?). Well, go to your kitchen and use black bin liners as a gothic poncho. More to it, sprinkle white flour over to your hair and voila, your hair gives a ghostly good impression. Paint your face or for that matter, don some cute and scary Halloween style accessories to swing into the fiery night.

As said, it’s never too late. Ignite high rising fun to your Halloween night and party like you never did! Happy Halloween everyone.


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