TJC’s Jardin Collection: Blossom Like Flowers

Flowers and their aroma cast a spell on sensations and make us fall for these gorgeous marvels of God. Flowers have been used for thousands of years to adorn brides and are widely cherished for natural beauty and freshness. With its charming looks and godly appeal, floral jewellery is making a huge impact on designers’ jewellery industry and is immensely popular among celebrities. If you are looking for a delightful floral-inspired jewellery for your bride-to-be bestie or to adorn yourself, explore the brilliant TJC’s Jardin collection, featuring statement-making floral designs to cherish forever.

Creatively Designed Jardin Collection By TJC

Freshness and elegance of flowers are best demonstrated in the floral-inspired jewellery, hence, TJC brings you fantastically curated Jardin collection inspired from the beauty of French gardens-a very ordered garden style. You are bound to make a statement with our detailed floral designs that showcase beautiful hand carving, lush colours and shimmering displays, all inspired from the natural floral gardens. Each piece from the collection speaks of the evergreen beauty of flowers and fabulous designs curated with hand-carved Mother of pearls-forms inside a pearl oyster and has a glittery surface.


Earrings – Frame your face gorgeously

Look like a Goddess with the beautiful floral earrings that are crafted using Pink mother of pearls and adorned with multi-colour gemstones. Cherish divine appeal of these floral earrings that display the composition of pearl and floral in a single piece. To give the exact look of a flower, we have used enameling artwork as well.

Neckpieces– Compliments your neckline

Glisten with pristine glamour with artistically crafted floral necklaces that compliment your elegance with ease. From pretty pendants to detailed necklaces, we have designed unique floral-inspired neckpieces that are sure to catch attention. Studded with sparkling multi-hued gemstones and gorgeous hand-carved pink or yellow mother of pearls, each neckpiece exhibits the natural aesthetic of flowers with exquisite detailing.

Rings- Beautify your gestures 

Be ready for the endless praises with our exquisite Jardin collection featuring floral inspired rings accentuated with the natural pearls and gemstones. Mother of pearls are extracted from inside the oyster, offer pristine shine to the pieces. Every piece from Jardin collection is crafted from Mother of Pearls, make you dazzle beautifully.

If your loved one has a great fascination with the floral jewellery, gift them a delightful floral-inspired ring beautifully accentuated mother of pearls and incredible gemstones like Amethyst, Jade, Garnets, natural white zircons for a timeless appeal.

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