Jewellery Pieces of the Queen at the Olympics

The British Royal Family attended the prestigious London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.  The host city opened the momentous event with a bang. All the famous British celebrities gathered to celebrate history at its making.

The Queen looked majestic in her outfit. What caught everyone’s attention was the jewellery pieces she wore during the momentous event. The Queen was very regal in a simple way. Even though she didn’t wore her crown and sceptre the jewellery pieces she wore marked her status. The Queen wore a captivating diamond brooch which belonged to the Queen Adelaide. The diamond brooch features six stunning diamonds which belonged to George III. The diamond stones were redesigned to fit the brooch for the coronation of Queen Adelaide. 


Another noteworthy jewellery piece she wore was a collet necklace that belonged to Queen Alexandra. The necklace features Golconda diamonds which are very stunning and unusual. This diamond necklace seems to be big favorite among the Queens including Queen Mary. She was fond of this necklace because it shimmers brightly when light casts on it. This necklace was a present by the City of London when she married the Prince of Wales. The jewellery piece was worn as a choker by Queen Alexandra during the old days.



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