Jewellery to suit your tailored chic

One look that is set to be big for the summer season is the tailored trend. This is a great option for power dressing and creates chic, flattering outfits that are ideal for both day and night.

The trend is reasonably simple to pull off, featuring things like fitted jackets, flattering high-waist trousers and hip-skimming skirts. These are easy to wear and can even be teamed with more relaxed styles – such as sun dresses and boho looks – to mix up your summer wardrobe.

However, the jewellery you wear with tailored pieces is important, as the wrong item could totally throw off your look. You want to make the most of tailored clothing by ensuring it is a focus of your outfit, so here is the jewellery that will allow you to do this:

Simple drop earrings

Earrings that have a simple look that doesn’t include a lot of embellishment are great for teaming with tailored ensembles. While long earring styles have been huge on the catwalk, you ideally want to opt for a shorter pair with this look, especially if you are wearing a jacket that has lapels.

This will add a bit of bling without going over the top. Choose pieces that contrast in colour to your outfit and that have only one embellishment – such as a single gemstone – or none at all.

These 9K White Gold Espirito Santo Aquamarine Earrings are ideal and will add a sophisticated edge to your style.

Minimalist metallics

When it comes to necklaces and bracelets, you want to go even simpler when wearing them with tailored pieces.

Jewellery that is simple and features no embellishment – including no gems and no or minimal patterns – works perfectly and will result in a modern ensemble. Think metallic bangles or plain circular necklaces and you’re on the right track.

This Vicenza Collection Sterling Silver Cleopatra Necklace is ideal and will work with both scoop neck tops and shirts for a subtle but chic edge.

If you love the tailored trend, you can find the right jewellery for your look here.


Image: iStock/ElenaNichizhenova

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