Join the Charm Club!

It’s needless to say that charms have been around for a while – but with TJC’s brand new collection of charms, you can make a chic, fashion-forward statement that beautifully shows off your personality and style – so get ready turn on the charm! 

Charms are the perfect jewellery accessory for the superstitious kind, as they can symbolise luck, happiness and sometimes even style! Our new charms can be mixed and matched to create a cool look, but we’ve also designes charms combining your favourite metals and colours, including silver, gold and rose gold tones, ensuring your style is catered for.

A little charm goes a long way. With our new charm collection, discover cool clip on charms as well as bead charms, which will instantly show off your style, personality and wit. We’ve really made it easy for you to become an artist, allowing you to tell your story, your way.

So what’s new? We realise how important it is to be able to tell a story and display an important life event through stunning jewellery, so whether you’ve passed your driving test, had a baby or are simply looking for a cool gift for someone special – we have a charm for it!

Make your mark. Our new collection doesn’t only feature charms perfect for special occaion though. Put your stamp on your charm bracelet with your initials or letters that mean something to you or signify an inside joke. Our new initial charms are great if you’re giving a charm bracelet as a gift too, and will work perfectly alongside other charms, creating a cool stacking effect that’s bang on trend!

Happiness is only real when shared. Personalising a charm bracelet filled with stunning charms for yourself or as a gift for someone else is a lovely idea, especially if you want to make it a treasured family heirloom and pass it down from mother to daughter – so, take time to create a delightfully nostalgic and oh so precious piece of jewellery with our new collection!


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