July’s Birthstone: Magnificent Ruby

The Magnificent Ruby is this month’s birthstone. It’s the first day of July, which means a shift in the gemstones that are of the moment, and this month magnificent Ruby is the stone you should be wearing!

Last month we celebrated the most unique birthstone – pearl, which is the only stone to be made by a living animal.  However as the weather heats up, so do the shades we rock!

Whether you are born in July or simply love this unique and highly sought after stone, Ruby is not for the faint hearted. Thought to hold magical healing and protective powers, rubies are second only to Diamonds and classed as one of the gemstones for jewellery settings, purely because of its hardness and high position (9) on the Mohs scale.

Symbolising the sun, freedom and power, the red Ruby is fiery, sensuous and exceptionally beautiful. This month immerse yourself into this fantastic berry hued stone which is sure to bring elegance into the season, no matter the occasion, pair your ensembles with lashings of rich red ruby gems.

Interesting Fact:

Interestingly, only the red variety of corundum is classified as ruby, while the main other colour types would be in the category of sapphires!

The Burmese Ruby is the most sought after and highly prized as it holds an exceptional pinkish-red hue with a slight hint of blue and stunning clarity. Shop all our lustrous Rubies as well as our exceptional Burmese Rubies for a sophisticated but fierce look this season and relish in a gem that is constantly rising in popularity, what’s not to love, afterall, this precious gem can sometimes fetch higher prices than equivalently sized diamonds!

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