June’s birthstone: How to care for your pearls

This month we are loving the fabulous and unique gemstone pearl, and we are sure all of you June babies are too! But if you have or want to invest in pearls are you aware on how to look after them, ensuring they are perfect for generations to come? Stick with TJC … and learn everything you need to know about caring for your pearls.

Preserve your pearls for generations to come

Want to preserve your pearls, there’s one rule ot live by: Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off- so that means no wearing in the bath or shower!

Pearls are a very resilient gemstone and are meant to be worn however, because they are organic stones made naturally from a live animal, they are vulnerable to acids, alkaline and extreme humidity, which means they require proper care.

When wearing your pearl jewellery avoid them coming into contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and direct sunlight as they can easily lose their luster under these conditions (which is why it’s so important to put them on last and take them off first!)

To keep your pearl jewellery looking top notch add a drop of olive oil to a soft cloth and wipe clean and remember to pay special attention any drill holes, where dirt collects easily.


If you want your pearls jewellery to have a full life, storage is a very important aspect of keeping and protecting your pearls.

Pearls can be exceptionally cohesive and shock resistant, however, they are very vulnerable to being scratched when in contact with sharp objects, hard surfaces and other gemstones.

The perfect way of preserving your pearls when you are not wearing them is to lay your pieces of jewellery in a compartmentalized jewellery box, which will avoid contact with other jewellery pieces, tangling and scratches.

However, if you are planning on travelling and want to take your pearls away with you, preserve their preciousness with protective soft jewellery pouches.

“Pearls are meant to be worn” – When storing your pearls away they can become dehydrated if not worn often enough – who would have thought! So, if you don’t wear your pearl jewellery often it is advisable to get your necklaces and earring and any other pieces restrung if they are held together with silk thread.

Deep Cleaning

Ultimately if the radiance of your pearl jewellery appears to be diminishing take it to a specialist, although, you can deep clean at home!

Pearl is an exceptionally sensitive gemstone, so it is a must that you not only keep away from any types of acids or solutions that contain ammonia and harsh detergents, as they will breakdown the calcium of the pearl ruining its luster and outer glow.

If you do need to clean your pearls simply wipe with a clean soft cloth, however if this isn’t enough to remove dirt a deeper clean is necessary.

1.       Apply baby shampoo or a mild soap and use a soft manicure brush to get rid of worn in dirt and marks, NEVER utltrasonic clean as it can have damaging effects
2.       If you are cleaning pearl jewellery threaded with silk, be sure to support the thread as you clean and avoid getting wet to avoid breakage
3.       Once you are satisfied rinse pearls only with mineral or distilled water. Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can damage the surface of your gemstone
4.       Don’t let water sit on your pearls for too long! Dry your pearl jewellery off with a clean dry and soft cloth to maintain its luster.

Tune into TJC over the month of June and explore our beautiful Pearl collections!

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