Kaleidoscope Dream

Radiate brilliance with plenty of colour and magnificent gemstones. As we enter the Autumn season it’s time to amp up our looks by inviting lustrous colour to match perfectly against chunky knits, darker hues and grey skies.

As we begin to introduce warm jumpers into our wardrobe and wear dark clothes, slowly replacing our brightly coloured summer dresses, our daily ensembles will need a colour boost, which is why it’s great to draw inspiration from our childhood, in particular Kaleidoscopes!

Invite playful kaleidoscopic colours and dreamy patterns to your look with fantastic jewellery and playful gems, layered up against each other.

When you look inside a Kaleidoscope you are opened up to an array of awesome colours moving in and around each other, the colours and shapes create beautiful patterns, kind of like how gemstones are used to create beautiful jewellery.

At TJC we have amazing pieces, that will open up your style and add a dash of autumnal glamour.

Shop online our browse our Pinterest board and get some inspiration on how to work dreamy kaleidoscopic jewellery into your look!

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