Kate Middleton, bag her style

You’ve oohed and ahhed over her Alexander McQueen wedding dress, her luxurious jewellery and her graceful style. Now it’s time to stop looking and to start doing! This is how you get the Kate Middleton look.

Kate Middleton Mood Board

Dress like a duchess. In general, Kate’s style is low profile, poised and dainty. She sticks to clean lines and seamlessly stays with the traditional, with a modern twist. Her look is definitely attainable and you don’t have to be a princess to get it.

Think outside of the box. If HRH deviates from the regular style plan, she continues to keep it beautifully elegant. Earlier this year we saw Kate in a ravishing teal gown with a daring lace back and cinched in at the waist. Still though, she keeps it refined: the pretty bow, the capped sleeves. Helping to pull off this look, Kate went with a clutch bag (you can’t go wrong here) and teamed it with very simple long dangling earrings and of course “that ring”.

Be a copy Kate. So how are you going to get Kate’s great look? 

Clutch a clutch. At TJC we have the most fabulous range of clutch bags, in fact over 70! There’s a bag for all occasions, choose from leather look, sequins and satin and many more. Great colours too, from pillar box red to cool blue, wintery white to inky black, and precious pink to leafy green.

Ring-a-ding-ding. Kate’s ring, is a £300,000 Garrard 12 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds set in white gold. The Jewellery Channel has some stunning rings, all in the style of Kate’s famous bling. Look for a big centre stone surrounded by smaller, but just as fabulous gems.

Dingle dangle. We are loving Kate’s dangling earrings. They help to elongate the neck and just give an elegant look all round. We’ve got a whole plethora of earrings to choose from at TJC. Have a look at some of the picks we have chosen that will go perfectly with your evening dresses this party season.

Now that you’ve got the tools to get her Majesty’s look, get shopping click on over to “bag her style”.

Who’s your favourite style icon? Jot it down in the comment box below; we’ll see if we can break if down for you and give you some tips.


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