Keeping You Healthy This Winter

Never has it been more important to take care of yourself than this year, and here at TJC Style we have lots of items to make sure you can do so this winter.

Let’s start with Vitamins- For years we’ve known the proven benefits of taking vitamins and TJC currently offers a wide range of supplements and different ways of taking them. We have the renowned brand of Bioglan who supply capsules for brain function and support, plus powders for smoothies packed with top superfoods ingredients including marine collagen.

We also have the brand Potion on board offering a wide range of capsules targeting, amongst other things, the issues with our skin, ageing and bones. If, however you prefer the method of infusing vitamins over a 24 hour period directly into the bloodstream, then the Vitamin Injection company’s patches are the ones for you.  The vitamin D3 patches are excellent for protection particularly in today’s current climate. 

The Probiotic
The Hyaluronic Complex
The Bone Formula

Juicers and Blenders

Another way to make sure that we are getting all the right vitamins and minerals is by consuming decent amounts of fruit and veg.  This can be tricky whilst leading busy lives, or getting children to eat them! However, an investment in a blender can really help us on the way to our 5 portions a day.  To help us make some wonderful and healthy concoctions we have a variety of juicers at TJC from the heavy weight wide mouth juicer which is a robust kitchen essential, to the rechargeable and portable juicer which can be used anywhere.  This is very handy for taking to work for fresh juice on the spot.  Do share with us any of our favourite recipes! 

Rechargeable and Portable Juicer Blender
Juicer with Container, Fine Filter and Cleaning Brush

Air Fryer

I’m a massive fan of cutting back on the amount of fat that we use in cooking and that’s why I love our 18 in 1 Air Fryer Oven.  You may have read my previous blog on this item, but if you haven’t it uses rapid air technology to cook your food without the need for any oil!  It will also cook so many different foods from chips to pizza and meat to cakes.  It’s such a versatile piece of kit and can only help in the quest for a healthier diet!

Air Purifiers

Whilst it’s really important to keep our body and skin in top condition, it’s also of paramount importance to maintain our surroundings so that the air is as pure as possible. We have a variety of home use air purifiers here at TJC from the larger multifunctional ones that work well in bigger spaces to the desk top/ bedside table versions for the smaller areas of your home. They work to clean the air by removing cooking odours, smoke, dust, pet dander, pollen and bacteria, making your home a much healthier environment to live in. Bearing in mind how much more time we are spending inside at the moment, particularly if you are working from home too, these purifiers are becoming an essential piece of kit.  They use the latest in HEPA filtration technology to clean the air in the room and I’ve personally been a fan of them for years being allergic to pollen and smoke.  However, I now see the need for them even more so in the fight against bacteria. Invest in one and you’ll be surprised at the difference in the air quality when you enter a room. 

Hand Creams

Finally, with all the handwashing and use of sanitisers which have become a major part of our daily routine, plus the cold weather setting in, we really must take care of our hands and moisturise as a priority.  TJC offers a fabulous range of hand care products from Jojoba, Douvall’s Argan range, Skybottle and many more.  They will all help restore moisture to the skin and they are also really perfect and thoughtful gifts too.

I hope that these tips on our products have been useful. I’ve certainly benefitted from so many of these products and I hope you stay healthy over the winter.

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