Kieran Glen….. Gemstone Extraordinaire

We took some time out with Kieran to find out a little more about the man himself, his experiences and discover what his favourite gemstone is.

Let’s start at the beginning, who are you and what do you do?
My names Kieran Glen and I am a gemstone hunter/buyer/expert


How long have you worked with Jewellery?
Good question, a very long time! It’s almost 10 years now.


That’s interesting, how did you first get into gem hunting? 
I’ve been hunting gemstones for as long as I can remember!  I’ve worked closely with Tony and Tenner Diniz for over 7 years now. Being able to work with some of the biggest designers in the world is incredible! Having always had an interest in gemmology, they would take me on hunts to show me the ropes of the industry, how to buy and what to look for at a young age.


What do you enjoy most about working with jewellery?
Having been in the jewellery game for nearly 10 years, I have worked with (in my opinion) the world’s best gemstone hunters. I have developed a whole  wealth of experience. This includes buying and selling both loose gemstones and finished jewellery. Most recently, I’ve started to design my own line and collection of high end jewellery that are all one off pieces!


Sounds like you might be trying to take over the jewellery world! What is your favourite gemstone?
I’d go with Sapphire as my preferred choice. My birthstone is Sapphire but I believe every gemstone is beautiful and precious in their own right. I love them all!!


Have you got a dream piece of jewellery that you would love to own?
I don’t actually wear that much jewellery to be honest. There are a couple of pieces that I would like to add to my collection though. One in particular is a Tanzanite necklace that holds the Namunyak stone. The second is a Stephen Websters Sutlan shield necklace which holds 96 carats of Zultanite.


What do you do here at TJC?
I am an on air gemstone expert and also work very closely with the head of buying, Amit and his team of buyers


Come on then, what funny stories can you tell us about when you’ve been on air?
Not everything always runs smoothly and to plan, at the end of the day its live TV, so anything can happen!
I’ve had many funny on screen moments, particularly with Caroline Lyndsey nearly chocking on my water and spitting it all over the desk. THANKS CAROLINE!

There was another one with Marina Berry  where she was talking about old outfits we used to wear. Reminiscing with each other was bad enough but we then had customers sending us pictures they had found of us on social media as kids. EMBARRASSING!!

But the one that really stands out is when Stacey Ellis was talking about high end jewellery and jewellery shops. She told the story of when she made her husband pretend to be her chauffeur when going into a high end boutique.


Thank you Kieran for taking the time out to speak to us today. It has been a great insight into gemstone hunting and what you get up to.

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