Kimberley Selwood – Designer Jeweller at TJC!

Ever since receiving her first box of beads and findings from her grandpa in her younger years, Kimberley Selwood has turned her craft into her career!

Winning a variety of awards and successfully running her own jewellery brand, TJC are excited to have Kimberley on board to bring you a new and exclusive designer collection filled with simple, elegant and timeless pieces!

So, what’s new and exclusive? 

Well firstly, Kimberley Selwood has designed her very first collection for TJC with three themes and concepts in mind:

Wild at heart collection: A collection inspired by wild flowers and growing love incorporating soft pastel shades making the range feminine and pretty, with the extra symbolism of love, romance, tenderness and friendship.

Crimson Spice collection: Kimberley has drawn inspiration from the Pink City – Jaipur, its royal history, deep-rooted art and craft vibrancy. Jaipur is perhaps one of the most decroative cities in India and this collection reflets that.

Distant Shores Collection:  Dreaming of being swept away in the moment, these pieces are inspired by the ripples nad waves  of the sea and how the sunlight dances on water. One key quote reflecting theese specific pieces are – ‘dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean’.

What pieces should you have in your collection? 

Well all of them really but, Kimberley has given us an insight into a few pieces in particular…

Multi Butterfly Necklace: This is a beautiful piece, it’s a smaller version of my handmade necklace, but it combines a flock of butterflies, known as a kaleidoscope, which then catches the light at different angles.  A dramatic piece but due to the delicate butterflies it isn’t difficult to wear and sits beautifully around the neck.

Butterfly Stud Earrings A beautiful simple pair of earrings that shows the light delicateness of the butterfly yet adds extra sparkle and a little luxury to any outfit.

Simple Bracelet: An easy everyday piece with extra glam, ideal for any age, yet it is still sophisticated.

Bangle: Beautiful hinged bangle that has a flash of zircon to bring extra luxury, also the cross over gives a very elegant look.  Easy to wear and great with the other items in the range.

Lattice ring The open shape of this ring is inspired by the patterns and arch ways in Jaipur, all the entrances and doorways have beautiful shapes which I have tried to emulate in this collection. The lattice middle is seen in many window frame, a lovely charming piece, which is Indian inspired but unique in style.

Open RingInspired by the shapes in Jaipur, but this is open to allow the shape to really stand out, a big ring, but wearable and light.

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