Last Minute Pre-Wedding Checklist

The most popular time in the year to get hitched is in during Spring, but we know that many of you plan to celebrate your love, with the one you love throughout the year.

Weddings are stressful event sto organise, and as much as we think we’re on top of our checklist, little details can fly under the radar and leave us in a little, well, in a bit of a pickle when the big day arrives.

So, prepare to be stress free on your wedding day with our last minute pre-wedding checklist…

Annoying Alterations. This is a major priority that can often be missed when you’re busy sorting out everything elsefor your big day. Although, you may have had initial alterations when you first bought your dress, it’s a good idea to try on your dress a week before you’re ready to walk down the aisle t ensure everything still fits the way you want it to. This will give you enough time to make small changes and alterations with time to spare!

Pack Your Bags. Plan to jet off on your honeymoon on the night of your wedding? Then ensuring all your bags and suitcases are packed and ready to go should be at the top of yoru checklist. while you’re enjoying the whirwind of your day, the alst thing you want to worry about is packing so make sure it’s done and in the car so you can leave straight to the airport. Juts don’t forget your passport!

Emergency Kit. At least one of your bridal party should have an emergency kit on them – you just enevr know what will happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nice Nails. I’m sure we don’t have to remind you on pampering yourself, but… make sure nails are primped and polished. Everyone will be asking to look at your ring, so enusre your nails are in great condition with a pretty manicure. Plus, having some downtime, will help you relax before you say those two special words.

Gifts for your wedding party. To be honest, this isn’t of great priority, but we know you love to spoil your guessed and your wedding party. Give them gifts they’ll love and remember the day by.

Clean Jewellery. Make an unforgettable and sparkling statement on your wedding day! Ensure your jewellery is sparklign clean to display its true brilliance. Everyone will be gawking at your engagement and wedding band so make it worth their while – explore our range of Connoisseurs cleaning products.

Did we forget anything? 

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