Layer It On – 3 Simple Jewellery Styling Ideas

Layered Jewellery is always fresh and new! It seems difficult to get inspiring stacked jewellery styling ideas that don’t look forced but still pretty. Don’ worry, it’s really not that difficult! In fact, there are so many ways how you can get the most out of your jewellery! Here, we’re sharing the 4 best tips for jewellery styling that are bound to woo everyone who looks!


Stack it, style it, flaunt it!


Below, you’ll find 4 main types of most-worn pieces of jewellery that you can pair and stack together for a new look. Read on!


Layered Necklaces

Layered necklace jewellery styling tips

The charms at your neck grace your style in the simplest fashion. Layering up necklaces has always been the best pick for a beautiful look. Get lured into the grace and elegant beauty of these treats and pair them just right with all kinds of ensembles. It’s incredibly easy and here’s how to do it:

  1. Pick a simple, dainty, and delicate long gold chain. It should ideally be 20 inches or longer. Keep the design simple and minimal, keep away from chunky bling!
  2. Get another chain, preferably shorter in length (about 20 inches.) Lace a simple solitaire pendant or halo pendant on it. The pendant should be small but impressionable.
  3. If you want more, then pick a choker. For a bohemian look, you can add contrasts of colours or just opt for a simple gold one.
  4. Voila! You have a darling look put together in just a few seconds. Now, you just wait for everyone to swoon over your style!


Stacking Rings

Stacking rings jewellery styling tips

Another incredible tip for jewellery styling is for stacking rings. Rings define our flair and style. Together, they can either be extravagant or elegant. The choice is all yours! Play the horizon and pair the several choices for a look you want. Here’s are the different choices you can pick:

  1. Wedding wows – The trending stacking look has been of your matrimonial rings. It’s graceful, elegant, and permanent. Your engagement ring is usually a huge solitaire ring or perhaps a halo ring. Pair that with an eternity band that matches the tone. Pairing the colours is one tricky move, but a little shopping tour of the market can get it right.
  2. One for All – Another trend that has taken the world by storm is of ring sets. If you cannot find a perfect ring set, you can make one of your own! It’s incredibly easy. Just pick from the selection of band rings and shop for a couple of 5 stone rings. You can also go for wishbone rings if you want a new and unique shape.


Paired Bracelets

Paired bracelets jewellery styling tips

Another very common jewellery styling idea is to get a bunch of bracelets together for a fun look! Now, there are many ways to go about it! And you can pair many styles with many ensembles. Just keep the theme same. Here are a few tips on how you can get different looks:

  1. Messy Perfection – We all know that sometimes we force a messy look that’s actually perfected with time. Take, for example, messy bun. It’s the same with bracelets. You can get a I-didn’t-put-all-that-thought look if you play your cards right. Just pick a few chain bracelets and pair them with charm bracelets. If you want a versatile look, you can vary the choice of metal and play with it. Pair rose gold tone with yellow gold tone or platinum.
  2. Bohemian Twist – Another way to reflect your free style is by keeping it chunky! Get a colourful choice of various beaded bracelets and clasp them on with equally vivacious stretch bracelets.
  3. Evening Elegance – Now, if your style is classy and demure, then you can pick your choice of bangles and pair them with the simple and minimal bling of tennis bracelets. The sleek finish of these beauties will define your grace in a simple and modern fashion while keeping it lush.

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