Leo looks

The lovely Leo – Certainly no wall flower, the Leo is impulsively creative and out-going and by far the most dominant of all the zodiacal characters. Definitely leaders and the monarchs among us, just as the lion is the “king of the jungle”.

Fashion forward – Our lioness is uber chic with superb taste to the bitter end, appreciates expensive materials and good quality. They’ve got a great eye for trends and love to set the fashion stage. So all in all style is paramount and they love the finer things in life.Jennifer Lopez

Big, bold and very beautiful – The Leo loves attention and what better way to get it than through luxurious statement jewellery pieces shining and shimmering in gemstones. Leos definitely use fashion and jewellery to express their unique trendsetting flair.

The celebrity lioness – Jennifer Lopez, never shies away from her inner lioness – a favourite of hers has to be diamonds; and as you can see, she doesn’t tend to hold back. Other fabulous Leos always rocking their “lioness” style are Madonna, Charlize Theron, and Halle Berry to name a few.

We’ve got a couple of Leo lovelies in the office and without a doubt they’re Leo’s through and through. Are you born under the Leo star sign? Are you a typical lioness? We’d love to know, so pop down your comments in the reply box below.

Love TJC xxx

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