LFW14 and what to wear now

Always on the lookout for something new and exciting, The Jewellery Channel headed on over to London Fashion Week AW14. It was fabulous! The beautiful people were out in full finery… some a little on the far-out side, but beautiful nonetheless.

Prevalent for AW14 season was a classic palette of hues and tones with the odd surprise splash of colour resulting in graceful yet lively combinations. We were keen to keep our minds open and take it all in, hoping to discover something incredible and magical. We weren’t disappointed…

Future Fantastic… Gleaming metals, with hard angular lines was the name of the game on many fronts at LFW AW14. Very futuristic designs popped up everywhere in a variety of metals, but it looked like gold was a clear favourite.

My Hero… With a distinct super-hero feel, many pieces of jewellery this year seemed to be inspired by ancient stories of mythical magical powers and the boundaries between modern design and history became blurred. Again we saw a mixture of hard metals, gold being prevalent, but oxidised silver featured too.

Floral Fancies… With all these futuristic and geometric designs everywhere it was surprising to see some feminine and nostalgia designs with floral elements taking on the pretty delicate colours like orchid.

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But what about now?What should all you discerning accessory lovers be wearing this Spring/Summer 2014? Well it’s all in the details as they say. Last year the catwalks were dominated by a whole array of eye-catching designs, but ahead of the pack was definitely the statement earring and jewellery in ocean tones.

Ocean Motion… Guaranteed to be on every IT girl in just a few weeks (if not already) will be gorgeous hues inspired by far off tropical beaches. You’ll find scarves, necklaces, bangles and much more. Such an easy trend to latch onto so there’s no excuse.

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Real Head Turners… The statement earring; is another fab feature of Spring/Summer 2014. Now we’re talking Pat Butcher here, but who doesn’t love a bit of EastEnders. So armed with a collection of gargantuan door-knocker chandeliers you’ll be well on your way to Fashionista Ville.

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Anything in particular tickle your fancy during LFW14? What do you think? Do you have any fashion favourites for this season or AW14?

Love TJC

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