Lipstick Day: Give your lips some TLC

The 29th of July marks an important occasion for all those who are beauty-obssessed – It’s Lipstick Day!

For many, lipstick and its popular alternative, lip gloss, will be the finishing touch to any makeup look, and will perfectly set off any look; whether you’re having an important meeting at work, or going out to dinner with your gal pals.

But what type of lipstick do you wear – matte, sheer, satin? It’s a serious debate!

Lipstick Day. Intended to celebrate the gloriously glossy little stick of colour, lipstick is always found tucked in any handbag or makeup bag. Whether it’s used to seductively add more pull to a pout, or for scrawling a meaningful message on a mirror, lipstick has historically refused to be ignored – it really is the signature to a finished face.

History of the lippie. Sarah Bernhardt created some epic scandal by applying lip rouge in public. Queen Victoria considered makeup hugely impolite and intended only to mark the most impolite of women. Yet, Winston Churchill found lipstick to be a wonderful morale booster and refused to limit its production during WW2. It seems he shared the secret women have known for at least 5,000 years.

Colour Association. At TJC we have loads of different hues, perfect for any occasion, so pick a nice neutral for the day and turn up the volume with a pop of brilliant colour for the evening – just take a look!

Lipstick adds perfect colour to your character, so find your hue and make Lipstick Day a huge, marvelously colourful event.


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