London Fashion Week: Dissecting the Queen’s Wardrobe

During our time at London Fashion Weekend it’s no surprise that we were immersed in the world of fashion and exposed to major style icons in the industry.

Yet, one rather royal person on the list of style icons was a bit of a surprise, especially as it was someone we hadn’t even considered – The Queen!

Yep you read that right. The head of the monarchy is considered an uber style icon!

So, we sat down with the the Royal Collection’s curator, Caroline de Guitaut, to discuss all things fashion and styling the queen and here’s what we learned…

Bright and Bold. What makes the Queen a major style icon is the fact that she is never scared to make her mark. Many times the Queen has been praised for wearing daring and colourful ensembles. Her Majesty has a lot of input into what she wears, and pieces she usually picks are dictated by what event she’ll be attending, who she’ll be meeting and what political statement she wants to make. As well as that, it’s of high importance that the Queen can be seen at all times, which means her outfits must stand out from the crowd.

Quirky Hats. The Queen is somewhat a accessory maven, and is it any wonder? Her hat collection is one to die for (she has over 100 hats featured in the Royal Collection) but there are few tricks to watch out for when she makes her next royal visit. All her hats are upturned near her face. This is to make sure her face is seen at all times. Her hats are always eye-catching – again so she is visible at all times, but also because wearing a matching hat is part of the Queen’s style identity.

Thrifty. With so many important public events to go to throughout the year, we wondered if the Queen had ever repeated an outfit. The answer is – yes! – she often re-wears certain pieces that can be worked with other ensembles. Caroline, even goes as far to call the queen ‘thrifty’. So you know what that means – it’s time to upcycle some of your favourite pieces.

The Royal Jewellery Collection. When quizzed about the Queen’s jewellery collection – because, let’s be honest, that’s what we really wanted to know – an interesting fact was revealed. Many of the Queen’s jewellery has been inherited and none in recent years have been commissioned. However, the Queen does make use of brooches and other accessories like sparkly hat decor to add glimses of glimmer to an outfit.

So, there you have it! How do you keep true to your style, through jewellery and in fashion?  



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