Looking after your yellow gold

Yellow gold is a really common metal to be used throughout jewellery – and for good reason. It is a pretty hard-wearing metal that looks absolutely gorgeous, whether on its own or teamed with gemstones. 

However, daily wear and tear can leave your yellow gold looking a little bit worse for wear. Like any jewellery, yellow gold can get scratched or dented, while its shine can also be dulled. 

We all want to avoid these instances for as long as possible and keep our gold jewellery looking fab at all times. But how exactly can we do this?

Take it off

Many people will leave their yellow gold jewellery on at all times, especially when it comes to rings. While over the years it can become difficult to remove wedding and engagement rings, if you can take them off, you should at specific times.

Wearing your yellow gold when having a bath, taking a shower or cleaning means it comes into contact with chemicals that will reduce its shine. This will result in you having to clean it more regularly to undo the damage caused by chemicals.

The worse products to use near your yellow gold are those that are abrasive, such as cleaning solutions. These will scratch the gold, causing more damage than just stopping it being shiny.

Handle with care

If you have a delicate piece of yellow gold jewellery, you should be as careful as possible when it comes to handling it. This is because thin gold jewellery, fine chains or gem settings can easily bend or break; especially if the jewellery is warm.

You should aim to handle it as little as possible and when you do need to touch it, you should be incredibly careful.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning your jewellery on a regular basis will help to restore its shine and reduce damage associated with dirt buildup. You should aim to clean it once every month or so and judge it by how dull it looks. 

It is possible to get special cleaning fluid, however, you can also use simple dishwashing soap and warm water. You should first check that any gems or stones don't require special care, as cleaning them as you would plain yellow gold could cause damage.

You should clean each piece of yellow gold individually, as soaking several pieces in one bowl could result in scratches. Just soak each piece for about half an hour, which will loosen any dirt, then use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the remaining dirt away and buff it up.

If your jewellery is very dirty, you can use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any stubborn dirt. However, you don't want to brush too vigorously as this can also scratch the gold.

Don't wear in swimming pools

If you are going for a splash about in a swimming pool or chilling out in a hot tub, avoid wearing your yellow gold jewellery as chlorine can result in permanent discolouration. This can leave your jewellery looking dull and damaged with no way of fixing its appearance.

Store it carefully

You should always store your yellow gold jewellery carefully to avoid damage or tangles. Putting it away in a jewellery box that has different sections for different pieces is the best way to ensure it stay safe and looks good.

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