Looks to love in 2015

2014 is over and the new year is here, giving you the perfect opportunity to update your look and your wardrobe. The last 12 months have provided some great styles for us, but things are only going to get bigger and better in 2015.

You can have a look at some of the biggest trends that will be emerging over the next year in our fashion forecast, but here are a few looks that we love and can't wait to start wearing.

Bright yellow

The perfect colour for chasing away winter blues and getting ready for spring, bright sunshine yellow is one of the year's hottest colours.

It is going to be featured across daywear, accessories, coats, shoes and makeup – trust us, yellow lipstick and eyeshadow are going to be big! From pastel shades to mustard colours and golden tones, we are in love with yellow fashion.

Wearing this colour is the perfect way to make a really simple statement and to brighten up any look. Not only is yellow a fun choice, it can also look really glamorous, especially when its teamed with yellow gold jewellery.


Instead of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, think more Brigitte Bardot when you consider wearing gingham print this year.

Although the trend is often used throughout children's clothes or homewares, this traditional print is getting a major revamp this year, which has made us totally fall in love with it. 

Rather than sweet sundresses and full circle skirts, gingham checks are going to be used throughout sexier styles and power looks, making it a must for all fashionistas.

From blazers to crop tops to mini dresses, the fabric choice is going to work with every clothing type and style, letting you mix in a little tradition with on-trend modern fashion.  

Baggy jeans

It seems that the reign of the skinny jean is all but over, as 2015 is set to see the return of baggier denim.

With a style that takes a bit of a look back to the 1970s, jeans this year should be a bit roomier and come with a cropped leg length. This is a great relaxed look that can easily be dressed up, allowing those who weren't a fan of skinny styles to rock denim once again.

When wearing this look, it is best to wear slimline shoes to make your feet look as small as possible. This creates a great contrast and will show off your slim size even though your jeans are pretty roomy.

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