For the Love of Enamelling – 7 Unique Beauties

There’s something ethereally perfect about handcrafted beauties. The skill and precision that go into their making are something machines can just not parallel. And that’s because eyes do not miss out on details. Here, we’re displaying some incredible enamelling ideas that are filled with rich colours and detailed with intricacies you’ll be delighted with.


Enamelling is a simple process where you coat or paint your choice of adornment. The process is simple but very tricky. It begins with grinding the glass or crystals into a fine powder, which is then melted. The molten glass is then poured into the mould of the design. Next, colours are added. While it sounds seemingly easy and quick, it’s quite the opposite. You need the stability of the hand, a sharp eye, and precise movements. A quill is chosen to fill in colours and take care of shading.


The excellence of these details is portrayed in numerous kinds and displays. Below, you’ll find 7 of these classy beauties, all enamoured with enamel:


1. Brooches with enamelling

Enamelling done on TJC brooch
Designer Inspired- Multi Colour Austrian Crystal, Simulated Emerald Enameled Dragonfly Brooch

Best pick of styles and charms of peppy sparkle, these beauties can be added to all styles and ensembles. In fact, there are countless creative ways of wearing them. These small and adorable picks reflect insurmountable detailing. For instance, this featured brooch. The intricacies of tracery on the wings of Dragonfly is something you can look at all day! Be sure to pick from more brooches filled with lush enamelling and clip it on this winter season!


2. Charms of enamelling

TJC charm with enamelling
Lady Bird Enamelled Charm in Gold Plated Silver

Another valuable trinket that is often filled with enamelling is a charm. You can clip them on your bracelets or wear them as dainty pendants, the choices are endless. The beauty of charms is that they can represent a memory, your favourite, or can just look pretty! This makes shopping for them all the more fun, and there’s certainly nothing like “too many charms.” Find exquisite detailing and playful colours in these beauties and revel in their simple and minimally sized glory. This shown charm of a ladybug is quite a beauty to behold!


3. Cufflinks with hand-painted enamelling

TJC Cuff links with enamelling
Chess Board Inspired Cufflink in Platinum Plated 925 Sterling Silver

Now that we’ve concluded that enamelling works best on anything and everything, how can we miss out on the masculine adornments? Cufflinks not only add colour to your ensemble but also make you look a little more prepared. These small fixes to your sleeves make an incredible addition that shines bright with your confidence. All you have to do is pick the sort that suits your style. This shown pair of cufflinks has been detailed in the chessboard pattern, which looks smart, dapper, and very simple.


4. Earrings with coloured enamelling magic

TJC earrings with enamelling
GP Peacock Quartz, Blue Apatite and Multi Gemstone Earrings with Push Back in Platinum with Enameled Overlay Sterling Silver

There’s absolutely nothing like the delight of earrings. Filled with rich details and coloured with vibrant hues, these stunners will get you a new tide of exquisite fashion. The earrings with enamelling have a whole palette to choose from. The mixed colours and peppy designs, everything about them is spell-binding. In fact, you must scroll through the Jardin Collection of jewellery, which comes with the beauty of blossoming gardens.


 5. Pendants and Necklaces lush with enamelling

TJC pendant with enamelling
Rhodium Overlay With Enameled Sterling Silver Skull Pendant

The best and quickest way to bring attention to your style is by putting on a necklace. The colourful, lush, and vibrant enamelling only makes it better and more coveted. Choose your style and get shopping for the type that will suit you. Be it the simple and quaint beauty of a pendant or a swathing delight of necklaces, enamelling looks marvellous with everything. Here, you’ll find a chunky and playful skull pendant that’s rich with beautiful colours. Other options you can pick for are necklaces, chains, chokers, and more.


6. Watches with enamelling details

TJC watch with enamelling in dial
Red and Pink Colour Enameled Flower Dial Water Resistant Watch with White Austrian Crystal

To make time beautiful and happy, pick from the enamelled watches. A watch is essential that everyone needs. And if you fill it with the joy of colours, it becomes even better! The enamelling done in the watches lies mostly in the dial. This one, for instance, has been adorned with a garden full of blossoming flowers. You can pick the ones with different designs if that fits your style. Experiment with colours and don on different designs, these watches are definitely made to slay the fashion!


7. Rings of magic

TJC ring with enamelling
GP Amethyst, Russian Diopside, Mozambique Garnet and Multi Gemstone Enameled Ring

The most beautiful way to enhance your flair is by slipping on a ring. The intricacies of the designs, if filled with enamelling, makes them perfect! The procedure is done to take care of details in crevices, corners, and bands. Scoping the entirety of the spectrum, there is a rainbow to choose from! You can experiment around with the different designs and types, and pick from the types you seem to love.

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