Lustrous Loose Gemstones- Enhancing your Christmas Vibe

Ever wondered where do these enchanting and colourful gemstones that deck our beautiful jewellery come from? Their bewitching hue and fine lustre are to die for when decked in various jewellery pieces and are the best pick to deck yourself for any occasion or to gift someone.

This Christmas, gift your loved ones the allure of our exclusive loose gemstones and see them swoon over their enchantment! 

Let's Know These Gems:

Born from within Mother Earth and nurtured in the lap of nature are these beauties that are centuries old and are mined to make the world go crazy after them. From exclusive and rare pieces to sought after pieces for their brilliance and hue, each one is different and unique from the other and is a rare specimen. They are classified under four categories, namely to describe their characteristics well, i.e. cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.  These loose gemstones are not for the faint-hearted and are every aficionado’s dream! Displaying exclusive and quality cuts like baguette, trillion, octagon, asscher, barrel etc. to the more common round, cushion, princess, etc., we house a variety that will leave you wanting for more! Each gem has a unique colour and property to display the same in different lights. Ranging from intense hues to subtle hues, a galore await you to be explored. The extent and the percentage to which a gemstone has a particular mineral content in it defines their saturation and clarity. Thus, also defining their enamouring hues altogether. 

Variety of Loose Gemstones:

Keeping in sync with the festive vibe, we bring to you a variety of our loose gemstones that define the Christmas feel very well. The dominant colours for the festival are red and green, giving a vibrant appeal to the decorations and outfits that you don while soaking yourself in the joy of the festivities. Gift these exclusive pieces to your loved ones or pamper yourself with jewellery decking its grace. 

Green: Displaying a variety of different cuts and finish, our collection homes different pieces of alluring Prasiolite, Emeralds, Green Tourmaline and more. Their subtle to intense lustre will leave you mesmerised while their faceted finishes add and enhance their brilliance and sparkle.

Red: The colour of love and joy is also the dominant colour for Christmas. To keep the theme going, we bring to you a varied selection to make your pick from. Beautiful variants of Garnet to the bright hue of Fire Opals, the subtle and soft beauty of Pink Morganite and the feminine hue of Peach Opal, all of these together are finely chiselled and cut and finished to bring out their beauty furthermore. 

AA Indicolite
AA Rhodolite Garnet
AAA Prasiolite
AAA Rhodolite Garnet

Uses of Loose Gemstones:

If you know anyone amongst your friends and family, who may be a collector of these lovely beauties, you may gift them one for their desire to add and expand their collection. A lot of people love to refurbish their heirloom jewellery pieces and to add a new gem may change and accentuate the look of the piece completely. Some also wish to indulge in the activity of do-it-yourself and will find the aid of an exuberant piece much to their delight and will love using it. Loose gemstones gifting is also a way of letting someone know how meaningful they are to you as each piece signifies an emotion or a value. They are numerous possibilities to use these enchanting beauties ranging from interiors to skincare. 

We at TJC home a varied collection of some of the rarest pieces popularly known as the Museum Gemstones, difficult to find a similar piece like the other. Shopping for loose gemstones is not going to be difficult with us as we bring to you a fathomless galore of scintillating hues, each picked from the beauty of a rainbow!

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