Make his day – 5 Things He Needs

Impulsive shopping sprees aren’t only meant for women and men have shopping needs, too. At TJC, we cater to all kinds of requests. From ideal jewellery designs fit for men to grooming care, we’ve got it all and beyond! Here’s our selection of all the essentials that you can buy for him to make his day, featuring the things he needs!


Men’s Rings

Rings are one among the several things he needs. You need an adornment that’s simple and minimal in design and exudes elegance. TJC brings you an assortment of men’s rings that have the certain element of masculine touch, added with opulence, which makes rings befitting accessory for men. We present a wide-scoped collection of wedding bands and everyday-wear rings. You can peruse our entire collection to find the piece that suits his personality the best!

Vicenza Collection – Designer Inspired Sterling Silver Spinner Band Ring


Men’s Grooming

Another wide category that we cater to is the grooming needs of men. Portraying a vast collection of skin-care and other essentials for men’s care, this category brings you all the things he needs in his routine care. From moisturisers to fragrances, it’s the one-stop solution to all the grooming needs. We also bring essentials to trim and maintain that gorgeous beard!

Calvin Klein- Set of 5 Mens Miniatures



Men’s ornaments; those are not the most-heard two words. But, here they are. Find a collection of all things nifty and edgy for men. Ranging from the spectacular cufflinks to simple bands, you can shop for a lot at TJC! The appealing feature about them is how stately they are, along with being designed to fit the essential things he needs in his adornments.

Limited Edition-Masoala Sapphire Cufflink



Men’s Watches

A man is very proud of his collection of watches. Watches are one addition to the things he needs that he cannot do without. We’ve brought a divine and elegant collection of all sorts of men’s watches that he won’t be able to resist. Our designs range from all-metal watches, flaunting rose gold and yellow gold tones to bespoke designs with leather straps and minimalistic designs.

William Hunt – Ante Gold & Black Watch



 Gifts for Him

He deserves all the charm in the world! But in terms of his material needs, we cater to a grand gift platform. Find apt and suitable presents for him that contain all things he needs and make him one happy man! Mark his day special and present something from our pristine and exclusive collections like William Hunt for watches, or Calvin Klein for fragrance.

Ben Cohen Male Grooming Kit



His shopping needs are equally just as yours, which is why we have an incredibly wide number of our featured products aimed at his happiness. Just browse through our ranges to learn the trick to make him happy!

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