Make Gifting Extra Special with Designer Jewellery just under £50

Get ready to carry an effortless confidence on this Christmas !  

 …And whether you are a novice or a veteran fancier, we’re sure you have a look already in your mind, that you’re going to deck yourself in, this Christmas. To up your game, you must be looking for accessories that speak your sense of fashion. This is what TJC’s Christmas Designer collection is all about.  

Every piece of  jewellery looks great. However, despite there being an influx of uncountable fashionable pieces every now and then, most of the designer jewellery pieces are high on demand, even with designs that follow similar styles and patterns. 

One reason why designer jewellery never fails to find its fandom, be it any festivity of the year, is that it conveys a specific style. Every designer incorporates a pattern in their designs which gives it a stand -out feature. Every designer has a source of inspiration that reflects in their jewellery. All you have to do is keep an eye out for which jewellery designs pair perfectly with your taste and personality. 

TJC offers exclusively designed jewellery to draw attention to a desired area, such as neck, hands or ears, etc., which is the most in the field of vision, depending on your attire.  A piece of earrings can redefine the frame of your face, a ring can flatter your femininely gestures, and a neckpiece can create a tantalising allure.   

TJC’s designer collection consists of jewellery pieces that are designed by award-winning designers. With each designer piece offering you a different sense of style, you can easily spruce up every look there on your mind. Let’s get deep insights and find out what’s there in store for you! 

Christmas Collection You Can’t Resist 

Since the festivities are all around, you must be looking for jewellery pieces that can complement your Christmas attire so perfectly that it creates a lasting impression! Our new Christmas Collection is nothing but pieces that make you flash and jangle amidst the festive vibes. Scintillatingly sparkling baubles, added even to minimalist attire can ace up your look and make a style statement. From jewellery that is subtle in taste, to baubles that you can rinse and repeat, and to pieces that can make you the talk of the town, our Christmas collection has got you covered for the festive occasion. You just need to explore!  

Pennyworth Designer Jewellery Under £50 

Have the pleasure of purchasing precious gemstones at whooping discounts.  TJC offers customisable jewellery that can be engraved with a personal touch and presented to a loved one as a Christmas present. Budget-friendly jewellery at prices under £50makes for lovely Christmas goodies for kids, men, women, and all age groups.

LucyQ is Lvishly Luscious

Creative, contemporary and compelling, is what LucyQ jewellery pieces are. Awarded as the designer of the year, LucyQ carves designs that are absolutely feminine, drawing inspiration from everything and anything around. The elegance of the simplest of the objects, carved in the shape of a a jewellery comes out elegantly in yellow silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold etc, equally mesmerising with or without gemstones. Pick a piece that perfectly pampers your personality

Rachel Galley for an Enriched Closet  

Rachel Galley, carrying the legacy of her father, designs jewellery seeking inspiration from nature, ancient architecture, historic bronze treasures, carved wood, daily life objects, etc. and offers them a signature style with the latticework pattern. Since the nature-inspired designs feel so close to the heart, they are the pieces you would want to wear as everyday accessory and make your fashion-staple. Elegantly advocating the allure of a woman’s persona, these Rachel Galley designs can be equally styled on special occasions without having a second thought. You’ll be mesmerised to see how ordinary objects are offered shapely effects, and subtly brought to life with glittery trinkets of gemstones.

Giuseppe Perez Sets Standards High 

Designed by Guiseppe Perez initially and now carried forward by his daughter Gaia Perez, it is labeled as GP Collection. Unlike other collections ,which bring an elegance to even laid back looks, GP Collection is a cut above the rest. Its gemstone laden baubles are above and beyond the ordinary. Captivating play of colours takes spell binding shapes with eclecticism, and is enticed by catchy and colourful gemstones. Symmetrical and asymmetrical designs come alive with versatility and vividness. Adding sumptuous glitz to any ordinary ornate look, GP Collection is designed just to break the barriers and leave everyone awe-inspired!  

Get Ready with your Christmas Carts! 

Offered by award winning designers, these profound designs are incorporated in each piece, carved with ethical production methods, using quality-tested gemstones and high-grade metals. Utmost skill and excellence goes into each piece. The result reflects in how awe-inspiring you look, decked –up with TJC’s Designer Jewellery!! So prep-up and get bejewelled with a designer piece, this Christmas! 

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