Make it personal with the Initial Collection

Making a statement with your look is all well and good, but if it doesn't reflect you and your style, what's the point? Now you can take your look to the next level with a little bit of you with our new Initials Collection.

Jewellery that features lettering or quotes is all the rage right now and is the perfect way to personalise your look. Whether buying for yourself or someone else, this collection is a fun and stylish way to put your own twist on the fashion.

The collection features necklaces with single letter pendants. These can be used to represent either your first or last name, which is why they are so perfect for personalising your look and for giving as a gift.

Each pendant measures 1.5cm across and is just under 3cm long, making them a subtle yet stunning choice for any occasion.  

Available in either platinum plated or 14-carat gold plated white silver, each Initial pendant comes with a beautiful diamond embellishment to make it extra special. This is coupled with a really fluid lettering design that makes the collection fun but elegant, suiting absolutely anyone.

Each of the necklaces also comes with a fine chain, which matches the pendant perfectly. What makes them even better is the fact that the pendant and chain together are available for only £14.99!

This means you can treat yourself or someone special to a touch of luxury without breaking bank. Everyone loves diamonds, and this collection is ideal for ensuring you can wear something beautifully sparkly, personal and on-trend every day.

If you're looking for yourself, buying a birthday present or looking ahead to Christmas, this exclusively online collection will ensure everyone gets something that suits them while allowing you to stick to your budget.

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