Make Your Gifts Remarkable with Personalised Jewellery

 You can’t deny that a personal touch can work wonders when it comes to gifting something to loved ones. As you hold a special place in your near one’s life, a few words from you can help create a deeper connection when engraved on a bauble. If you are customising an adornment for the first time, even planning the gift in itself can be a lot of fun. AT TJC we have countless way of giving a unique look and feel to the jewellery you choose. 

How to win the heart of the receiver with a personalised jewellery gift?

By taking into account these pointers, you can make every personalised piece more memorable –

  1. Use the power of words: Was there a moment in your life that significantly changed how you previously defined your relationship with your dear one? What is the word that paints the day in your mind? Is there a specific place where it took place? Or Date /time? Getting these small details carved in beautiful fonts will not only allow the receiver to look back at the unforgettable moments but also let them know that you value those past instances! 

2. His/ Her style: While you might love the blush glow of rose gold, your partner may prefer the subtle glimmer of sterling silver. Before you begin to personalise a design, know what metal tone, gemstone or shape they find appealing. Dog tag necklaces look manly. These iconic beauties add a modern flair to his casuals and can be teamed with his low-key look too! 

2. Consider his/ her comfort:When you spot a stunning bracelet that is the exact match to his / her persona, you will think, this is it. Here you can go wrong sometimes. A key point to note is how the person dresses up. A male friend who likes to keep it simple will go only for the watch and wear the glowing bracelet you bought only a few times during the year. Taking practicality of the jewellery piece into consideration is a must. 

3. Initials – In case you have known a person only for a short while and still want to gift them something precious to cement your relationships, go for personalised jewellery gifts imprinted with their initials.

5. Birthstones – Is your loved one fascinated by the different zodiac signs and how they define the temperamental makeup of a person? Then the birthstone jewellery will be a perfect treat for them! Because like the sun signs these jewels too are said to give an insight into the personal trait on based of birth month. Other than that, a gemstone always makes a trinket shine brighter and look better.

A meaningful present can bring boundless joy to any person. The personalised jewellery gifts show the receiver that you wanted to make them feel special as you put in extra efforts to choose the different elements of the piece. To make sure this season you do not miss out on getting your friends and family customised presents we have bought a classy collection with loads of customisation options. The incredible shimmer of these products and adorable designs give them a greater value. 

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