Make your Home your Haven

With the longer evenings advancing, cold weather on its way and more of us staying in there’s never been a better time to invest in some small luxuries for your home. It’s amazing how just a few affordable changes can enhance your surroundings for a feeling of warmth, wellbeing and relaxation. Some of these ideas work extremely well for gift ideas too.

Let’s start with one of the most important rooms, the bedroom. Well, we spend a third of our lives in our beds they say, so why not make sure we have the best conditions conducive to rest?


Recently I’ve invested in some 100 per cent Mulberry silk pillow cases and I’ve been so pleased that I did.  I love the cool feeling that silk gives you and I find that my hair is far less static when I get up in the morning too.  They are also said to be good for antiwrinkle on your face too which is a bonus!  I’ve gifted these over the last few months to friends too because they are light and easy to send and perhaps not something friends would think to buy for themselves.

Whilst it’s important to get the pillow case right I think it’s imperative to get the actual pillow right too. I’ve been sleeping on a memory foam pillow for over a decade now and would never go back.  I even take mine with me if I’m spending the night away in this country. I was warned that they could take a while to get used to but I adjusted very quickly to the new enhanced feeling of support that memory foam gave me.  I suffer from a shoulder injury so it was very important for me to align my shoulder, neck and head correctly.  This particular version has the added benefit of Shungite plates and a bamboo cover too. If you have been hesitating over making this change of pillow type, hesitate no longer!

Mulberry Silk Pillow Case
Memory Foam Pillow

Once you’ve sorted your pillows out it’s a good time to change the aesthetics and feel of your bedding too.  This is where TJC offers a wide range of styles, materials and prices to revamp your bedroom or buy for a present for a couple.

Firstly, we offer a stunning top quality 4 piece set comprising of a Mulberry silk duvet for extra warmth and breathability, and cotton duvet cover, pillow cases and cushion cover in various designs.  I love the combination of the two high end materials here, silk and cotton, and believe you have the best of both worlds as well as longevity of use.  Check out the different designs.

Secondly we have a 4 piece set of 100 per cent cotton covers. These comprise of a duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases. These sets are plain in colour allowing you to build a look round them with your decorations and cushions.

Finally, if you are starting from scratch and require everything for your bed, our 7 piece bedding sets are ideal.  These are also great for wedding gifts and for those leaving home for the first time because they feature a duvet with cover, 2 pillows with covers and a fitted bed sheet.  Everything will match and no further investment is needed.  They come in a variety of colours and sizes too.  

Now moving on to the final touches for your bedroom, or indeed for any room, with reed diffusers and scented candles.  Smell is such an evocative sense, with aromas conjuring up memories and offering relaxation or invigoration depending on the scents used.  Here at TJC Style we have a range of reed diffusers from the well- known brand Wax Lyrical either on their own or teamed up in lovely gift bags with candles.  There is a vast range of fragrances and colours to choose from and in my opinion a reed diffuser is excellent for setting a wonderful ambience all day long.  They are particularly good for counteracting pet or cooking smells too!

If it’s candles that you are after we’ve managed to get a stunning high end range from the RHS and Wax Lyrical team with gorgeous floral and fruity smells.  The candles are Soy wax so there’s no black smoke either.  Choose from Black Cherry and Rose or Water Lily and Bergamot. We also have some lovely gift sets from 5th Season which incorporate gemstones in with the candles.  Choose from Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Red Amber and Aventurine Jade.  I’ve bought a few of these already as presents! 

I really hope that this blog has given you some ideas both for making some welcome changes to your home or offering suggestions for presents for friends and loved ones.

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