Marinus Collection – Marine-Life Inspired Trinkets You Cannot Miss

Have you ever come across someone who isn’t fascinated by the sea? No right? It is indeed impossible to scrape out anything remotely unlikeable about the aquatic world. The earthy & salty scent, the colourful flora & fauna, the aqua blue to teal hues of the seawater and of course, the mesmerising view; aren’t they all simply magical? If only we could flaunt such beauty on ourselves. Oh wait! We CAN! And here’s how:

The talented and passionate designers at TJC are on a constant lookout for inspiration that is simply out of this world. But this time, they came across something that was closer to home – the Sea! And our amazing Marinus Collection was born. This range boasts of a selection of imaginative, designer jewels depicting the exquisiteness of marine life. To give you a glimpse of how fantastic this range is, here is a list of our favourite pieces from it:

Dance With Dolphins


Now, if there is any other creature that should be placed at the same level of cuteness as dogs, pandas, quokkas and koalas (though our Aussie mates would say otherwise); it is dolphin! This adorable fish seems to have a sense of humour of its own. In fact, seeing them interact with human beings, especially kids, is the most heart-warming experience ever. Symbolic for positivity, motion, growth and life itself; our striking creations inspired from this species represent exactly that.

Seen in the image (L-R) – Blue Diamond High Finish Dolphin Pendant in Sterling Silver, Dolphin Enamelled Band Ring in Gold, Platinum and Black Plating Sterling Silver and High Finish Fish Chain Pendant in Two Tone Silver

Sea Shells By The Seashore


Shells have always fascinated everyone. Their iridescent lustre and gracefully curvy texture are both spell-binding and one-of-a-kind. Available in an unquantifiable variety, the most popular kind is that of Oyster Shells. These are adored and highly-valued for the ethereal looking pearls they bear. Our designers have left no stone unturned to capture the heavenly lustre, glossiness and undulating shape of shells resulting in some pretty enchanting trinkets.

Seen in the image (L-R) – Freshwater Pearl Shell Design Pendant in Gold Plated Sterling Silver and 1.50 Ct Thai Black Spinel Shell Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Push Back

Twinkle With A Starfish


Weren’t we all perpetually in awe of starfish when we were little? Oh, not just then, we still are! Moreover, movies like Disney Pixar’s colossal hit Finding Nemo from the early 2000s further popularised these underwater stars with its unforgettable character of Peach – the starfish. Seen in an array of colours, these fish have become synonymous to sea and marine life. Their leisurely movements look appealing while their tendency to stick to the sea bed or coral gives the illusion of genuine & colourful stars sprinkled all over the sea! Capturing their amusing looks to perfection, our designers have come up with some of the most adorable and charming designs we’ve ever seen!

Seen in the image (L-R) – Russian Diopside Star Fish Pendant in Gold Plated Sterling Silver,  Rainbow Sapphire Star Fish Lever Back Earrings in Gold Plated Silver and 2 Ct Thai Black Spinel Star Fish Stud Earrings in Gold Plated Silver

Just Keep Swimmin’ With Turtles


Symbolical of various Gods in many cultures like the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism and Hermes in Greek mythology; turtles have been associated with many qualities like wisdom, longevity, patience and humility for ages. There is something simply majestic about these beautiful creatures. Maybe it’s the wise and hooded looking eyes? Or the intricately textured and beautifully bumpy skin and huge shells? Or their slow, firm and graceful swimming when they’re underwater? No matter what, turtles are very intriguing and continue to inspire creators all over the planet. Check out some of our creations inspired by these that display a gorgeous blend of precision, detail and adorable good-looks.

Seen in the image (L-R) – Boi Ploi Black Spinel and Cambodian Zircon Mother Tortoise with Baby Chain Pendant in Two Tone Silver and Tortoise and Open Heart Lever Back Earrings in Two Tone Silver

There’s More Under The Sea


There are so many amazing sea creatures that have encouraged us to create this collection that we could go on and on about them for hours! Our range features amazing jewels inspired from frogs, sea-horses, octopuses and more as well. Light-weighing and immaculately detailed, these will easily become some of your favourite go-to pieces!

Seen in the image (L-R) – Sand Dollar Ring in Platinum and Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Seahorse Lever Back Earrings in Two Tone Silver and Multi Gemstone Octopus Pendant in Two Tone Silver

Dive into our amazing Marinus Collection and swim through our diverse range of more such affordable and amazing goodies. We are certain that you won’t be able to leave with just one piece.

Happy Swimming!


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