Mavala Skincare – What Caroline Has to Say

Alpine power to the heart of the skin!

Here at TJC, we have worked alongside Mavala for a few years now, featuring their nail-care range.  Their nail polishes have been very popular with viewers, so we were thrilled when we heard that they were bringing out a skincare range.

Mavala is celebrating 60 years in the cosmetic industry next year and they’ve now put their knowledge and experience into a skincare range. As you would expect, it combines Swiss botanical treasures of the Swiss mallow flower and pure Alpine Water together with the most advanced science and active ingredients.

We are currently featuring two ranges: Aqua Plus, a multi moisturising soothing system and Skin Vitality, a vitalising healthy glow range.



Mavala skincare Aqua Plus Range

I have been using the Aqua Plus range myself for a few months now and I am very pleased with the results. I felt that I could use it with confidence even on my ultra-sensitive skin because the ingredients are so natural. The Swiss mallow flower is well known for its unique dermo-soothing properties so it’s perfect for delicate skin. It is distilled in steam, so all its benefits are preserved. If your skin is dehydrated, feels tight, and wrinkles are appearing this is the range for you too.

Aqua plus is concentrated in pure hyaluronic acid and penetrates right to the heart of the cells to re-infuse them with moisture.  I could feel the benefits immediately on the surface to prevent the water loss but was also impressed that the ultrafine formula would work right through to all skin layers deep down.

The products I am using are:

Aqua Plus Intensive Serum

Aqua Plus Featherlight Cream

Aqua Plus Sleeping Mask.

I use the intensive serum daily because it has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid of the range and works perfectly with the featherlight cream.

I put the featherlight cream on after the serum because it offers 24-hour hydration as well as soothing and protecting the skin. I then apply my makeup as usual on top and it forms a perfect base.

I use the sleeping mask upon the advice of Lynn from Mavala, a couple of times a week and I really love it.  It’s a mask that you can leave on overnight and its gel texture is really concentrated in active ingredients which diffuse their benefits during the night whilst allowing the skin to breathe at the same time. I think you’ll love this product too especially if, like me, you don’t have time to visit beauty salons on a regular basis. You can really feel the benefits and over a period of time see them too!



Mavala skincare Skin Vitality Range

If you are suffering from lack of sleep, stress pollution, and have tired, dull looking skin this is the range you should try. Also great if your complexion has lost its radiance and is turning greyish or yellow. This look can give the impression that the skin is in poor health and make it appear older than it should, which is not what any of us want!

The skin vitality range is concentrated in Swiss apricot extract which provides a cocktail for the skin. The provitamin A gives a toning effect and the organic acids and enzymes offer exfoliating properties giving a wonderful radiant glow.

You can use this range alongside the Aqua Plus system depending on what your skin requires at the time.  I know that Lynn from Mavala whom you will have seen on air does this.

The range includes:

Skin Vitality Healthy Glow Serum

Skin Vitality Healthy Glow Day Cream

Skin Vitality Radiance Sleeping Mask

Skin Vitality Vitalising Alpine Micro-Mist

The Healthy Glow Serum is a lovely melting serum, enriched in antioxidant Vitamin C and also with illuminating tiny white pearls to reveal a hydrated, energised skin for a more radiant complexion. Once again it’s perfect to use before the Skin Vitality Healthy Glow Day Cream.

The Healthy Glow Day Cream will protect your skin against the damaging elements caused by free radicals which can lead to premature ageing.  The formula is non-oily and non-sticky and an excellent makeup base with great benefits.

The Skin Vitality Radiance Sleeping Mask is inspired by the Korean sleeping packs.  It is formulated to detoxify, smooth and eliminate dead cells that dull the skin. You can use this all year round or as and when your skin needs it.  I am going to use it together with the Aqua Plus range when my skin is looking tired and grey.

Skin Vitality Vitalising Alpine Micro-Mist. This can be used alongside any of the ranges for an instant, cooling and quenching glow.  It is enriched with decongesting cornflower water which is known for its natural anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties.  I’ve used this from time to time when I’ve felt hot and bothered, and also when I’ve needed an instant glow, particularly when going on air.  I’m revealing all my secrets now!  Just a tip – it can be stored in the fridge for an even cooler experience which I did in the hot weather.

Overall the customer feedback that Mavala themselves have had on this range has been amazing.  90 % of people using the VItality Sleep Mask found their complexion fresher and their skin more energised, with 95 % reporting that their features were revitalised. Reasons enough to give it a try!

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