May’s Birthstone: How to care for your Emerald

This month we are celebrating the birthstone of May – Emerald which derives its beautiful green colour from the presence of Chromium, Vanadium and sometimes Iron. The brilliance of Emerald has been revered for centuries because of is mesmerizing hues. At its highest quality this awe-inspiring gem is even more valuable than diamonds, which means it’s even more important to look after this gem.

If you own or are looking to invest in an Emerald, this month the prime time to do so! However, you need to know how to look after the stunning gem in order to get the best life out of your jewellery, so TJC have put together a need to know guide on how to care for your Emeralds, so keep reading!

Emeralds symbolise fertility and rebirth, as well as signifying wisdom and eloquence, Queen Victoria’s most prized piece of jewellery was the exquisitely designed Emerald and Diamond tiara!

The best quality natural Emeralds are found in Colombia and this is reflected in the price, however, Brazilian and Zambian Emeralds follow closely to Colombian quality.

Most Emeralds are oil treated to improve the clarity of the stone and the overall lustrous colour. Despite the steep price of exceptional Emeralds they are rarely flawless, even the highest quality gems have flecks of imperfections in them; this adds unique character and beauty to the stone. The slight imperfections are also indications that your gem is a natural and genuine one. Emeralds have a high hardness rating; nevertheless, they can be chipped or cracked as a result of hard knocks and everyday wear and tear, severe temperatures and chemical cleaners. In this instance Emeralds are similar to Tanzanite. As a result of the stones natural sensitivity, Emeralds are often surrounded by harder stones like Diamonds or White Sapphires to keep it protected.

How NOT to care for your Emeralds
–          No Harsh Cleaning. Never clean Emeralds with steam or cleaning solutions including; petroleum distillates or organic solvents as thee are not compatible with oil treatment Emeralds
–          Do not place emeralds in ultrasonic cleaning equipment or expose to high heat.
–          Do not clean your emeralds more than 2-3 times a year.

How TO care for your Emeralds
–          Always clean your Emeralds gently.
–          Clean with a mild preferably dishwashing detergent and brush the stone with a used soft brush.
–          Clean within 10 minutes try not to clean over this amount of time.
–          Rinse with warm water. A general rule to follow is, if it’s too hot to dip your finger into, it is too hot for your Emerald.
–          Pat Dry.
–          Try and re-oil your emerald after you clean. Re-oiling your emerald reduces the visibility of any fissures that have occurred to your gemstone.

General Tips to Follow
–          Know when to wear and take off your Emeralds. Emeralds are not to be worn every day, as the delicate gem cannot withstand the wear and tear your hands go through every day. Emeralds should be the last addition to your outfit.
–          Worn after applying make-up, body lotions, perfume and hairspray.
–          Skin oils dull Emeralds appearance, so try not to directly touch the stone.
–          Visit your jeweller at least once a year, to get rid of dirt build up and ensure your emerald is always in its best condition.

Investing in an Emerald requires commitment and care, but after, you will be left with a stunning stone that will last a lifetime. These are good rules not only to ensure your Emerald looks its best at all times but also for all other fine jewellery.

Browse May’s Birthstone now and find your enigmatic Emerald.

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