Meet Amit, TJC’s Senior Buyer…

Amit has been at The Jewellery Channel for 8 years now and knows all things jewellery, merchandising and buyer.

Amit is a very busy man but very kindly took some time out of his hectic schedule to give me a little insight into what he does at The Jewellery Channel, as well as some hints on buying gemstones and some of the trends we will see this year.

Every year the jewellery industry holds major trade exhibits showcasing the latest designs and trends that we will see in the coming seasons. Lucky Amit gets to travel to the far corners of the jewellery world visiting the likes of Las Vegas, Tucson, Hong Kong and Italy to name a few, visiting the jewellery shows. I asked Amit what trends he felt were prevalent at this years shows.

“Hong Kong has 2 shows a year. At the last show, trending were a lot of modern designs with large facetted gemstones in bezel setting necklaces. The Jewellery Channel has taken this on board and we already have a few of these style necklaces available.”

“This year while in Italy, there was a distinct trend in longer length diamond cut chains in rose, yellow and white gold. Also seen was mesh finishings and long, chandelier style earrings.”

“A few gemstone trends were also noticed this year, big electric blue topaz stones, well over 15 carats were all over the Vegas show. TJC have implemented these great vibrant stones into our Christmas Collection, so keep a look out for them. At the Tucson show, tourmaline was featured and proved to be very popular.”

“In Las Vegas, there were loads of big tanzanite stones, but not the normal oval cuts; we were seeing more round, pear and princess cut stones, surrounded by diamonds. So if you look at the TJC collections this is exactly what you will see.”

Tanzanites will always remain on-trend, they are just so beautiful. I asked Amit what I should keep in mind if I wanted to purchase a tanzanite piece of jewellery.

“Basically there are 3 keys things to remember – Firstly, look at who is selling you the stone, if it is coming from a site holder (like The Jewellery Channel), perfect. You will get the best stone for your buck, this is because its like cutting out the middleman. Second, look at the colour, a tanzanite with a deep, rich hue is what you are looking for. A good tanzanite will be a vivid shade of blue, possibly bordering on violet. Lastly look at the cut itself and how it has been cut, a poorly cut 5 carat tanzanite can look like a 3 carat stone.”

Finally I asked Amit if he had any juicy news for us; he let us into a little secret!

“Every few months I will join one of our fab presenters on air and discuss one of the unbelievable deals we bring you and why we can bring it to you at such a great price. Fairly soon we are going to have a fabulous blowout deal, so make sure you don’t miss out”

Ohhh, nows that’s exciting, I wonder what it could be!

4 thoughts on “Meet Amit, TJC’s Senior Buyer…

  1. I have been collecting some great pieces from TJC since I discovered the channel a couple of years ago.
    I love some of the expensive pieces, but unfortunately can’t afford them! I did buy myself a Boyacca emerald ring and pendant this year, which I am over the moon with: the colour just knocks me out – it’s stunning: thanks to the amazing prices at TJC I can always enjoy wearing them.
    I look at the show daily, and have found some brilliant things on the Auction site of the web, this means I can always have some pieces which look far more expensive that the actual price.
    I would love to see more longer chains, or at least some with easy fasteners or magnetic ones as I have problems doing up the traditional rings due to a disability, and the 24 inch chain goes over my head!
    Keep up the good work TJC!

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Thanks for the great comment and thanks for being a loyal valuable customer…. Did you see our Facebook 10% Off Promo, its for web orders only, but 10% is 10% 🙂

      Jenni 🙂

  2. Hello, hope you are well.

    I have a lot of beautiful rings, but I would like to know how a carat is calculated????

    Is is the size of the stone, as I have seen rings with lots of diamonds and precious stones and the carat is 1 carat as a basic carat. How is this????
    Is it just one stone or many, I am mystified.

    Can you please enlightern me.

    I used to work in a Buying office.

    Thank you.

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